Cage Against The Machine podcast focused on celebrating mixed martial artists, hip hop culture, education and business.  We aim to make listeners as passionate about the sport of mma as we are.

Origin Story: Podcast

Cage Against The Machine was born at the MGM Grand during UFC 193 – Silva vs. Diaz. The audience in the seats around Section 13 were presented with a treat as an excited and vocal SweetMBA narrated the fights. Audience members approached Bret afterwards asking if he had a regular broadcast where he made comments about MMA. Upon returning to the Bay Area, Bret called up Ja Shia and pitched him on the idea of a podcast revolving around MMA, hip hop and entrepreneurship. Ja accepted and they recruited producer extraordinaire DeShawn Davis to the team.

Origin Story: Fantasy Game

After a few short broadcasts, it became clear to Ja that there needed to be some kind of game for MMA in the same vein as fantasy football. After looking in the market and trying a few options, Ja realized there was not a solution that truly catered to MMA fans; just gamblers. Using the existing Cage Against The Machine platform, the team set out to create the world’s first MMA fantasy fandom simulation application.





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