Round Zero Season 2 Episode 9 – Home In The Range: Holloway vs Edgar


Tanner Boser vs Giacomo Lemos 

Dr. Akins: I have yet to watch either fighter. I’ll watch and see what happens.
Sweet MBA: There is an irony about an Indigenous person fighting on 4th of July weekend. Rencountre by decision.
Erik Koch vs Kyle Stewart 
Dr. Akins: Koch is a fighter in which there’s a load of potential, but he just hasn’t been able to rise to the competition level. Stewart is a fighter in which I’m not sure he belongs in the UFC. Here’s his chance to prove it. Prediction: Koch by decision
Sweet MBA: Long layoff for Erik Koch. Also his tattoos look like the Inhumanoids, you know, the evil that lies within. Who can stop him? EARTH CORE. Rufus sport has taken a couple L’s lately with the exception being Pettis closing out Wonderboy. Makes you wonder. Stewart has power without volume or accuracy. I suspect Koch by decision.
Gillian Robertson vs Sarah Frota 2 responses
Dr. Akins: Both fighters are have good submission skills. Which probably means that the fight will remain standing. Frota is better at striking. Prediction: Frota by decision
Sweet MBA: Robertson is a bit Florida ratchet but I have faith in Din Thomas. Frota seems to use appearances to walk down her opponents – some where between Lil Wayne and Sloth from Goonies. Frota thinks she will dominate on the ground but if it goes there, Robertson will squeeze the blood from her neck. Robertson by submission.
Alexandre Pantoja vs Deiveson Figueiredo  
Dr. Akins: I wish I could say that I see a way for Figueiredo to win this fight. Prediction: Pantoja by KO
Sweet MBA: Stop the Brazil on Brazil violence. Nah keep it up – Anderson is one step from retirement. Pantoja by TKO.
Gavin Tucker vs Choi Seung-Woo
Dr. Akins: I’m still trying to figure out both fighters. Tucker seems to be well rounded. Choi seems to be pretty good standing, but he has ZERO ground game. Let’s see how it goes. Prediction: Tucker by decision
Sweet MBA: Seung-Woo named himsefl Sting. He is either got the worst version of reggae a cultural appropriator can muster or he freezes folks with shots. I suspect Seung-Woo by TKO.
Hakeem Dawodu vs Yoshinori Horie 
Dr. Akins: Both fighters are TERRIBLE on the ground. Stand up war it is! Someone is getting KNOCKED OUT! Prediction: Dawodu by KO
Sweet MBA: Dawodu by KO.
Alexis Davis vs Viviane Arajuo
Dr. Akins: Davis hasn’t finished a fight since 2015. But she is durable. Arajuo has been blessed with hands and would crack a centerblock. What do you think happens from here? Prediction: Arajuo by KO
Sweet MBA: Arajuo swears that has a stronger striking and grappling game. This might be true except Davis is an actual wrestler. Davis however brings a plethora of fight experience. I suspect Davis by decision.
Marc-Andre Barriault vs Krysztof Jotko 
Dr. Akins: I don’t believe Barriault is UFC. Jotko has lost 3 of his last 4 fighters. We’ll see. Prediction: Jotko by decision
Sweet MBA: Powerbar by KO.
Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Arman Tsarukyan 
Dr. Akins: Aubin-Mercier is durable and has good submission skills. Tsarukyan is a good striker with some submission skills. I’m just not sure Tsarukyan should be in UFC. The time is now. Prediction: Aubin-Mercier by decision
Sweet MBA: OAM by safe, monotonous, boring and consistent decision.
Geoff Neal vs Niko Price 
Dr. Akins: Some is getting KNOCKED OUT! Prediction: Neal by KO
Sweet MBA: Very hard to call. Neal has laser deadly accuracy with hands that level armies. Price has shown his ability to out maneuver scary strikers, withstand damage, pull the trigger during hard flurries and finish people with hard shots on the ground. There is a reason why this is leads into the co-main. The question is really whether or not Neal can handle Price’s power. Price by decision.
Cris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer
Dr. Akins: Can Spencer get the fight to the ground? Probably not. Prediction: Justino by KO
Sweet MBA: Cyborg has been an amazing pioneer and leader in women’s mma since this beginning of the sport. She has also been a significant fan of our show. I am always leery of the chin of a figher remaining after a devastating knock out. The brutal ass whooping Amanda Nunes handed to Cris Cyborg makes me wonder if she can take a punch. That being said, I suspect her game plan changes. Its highly probable that if this goes to the ground, Spencer secures the choke. Spencer by submission.
Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar 
Dr. Akins: Well, this should be interesting. I love Edgar’s game. But the fact is, Holloway is too long. I see Holloway posing the same problem as Ortega did for Edgar. If Edgar is unable to get inside and use his superior boxing and wrestling skills, he will not be able to win this fight. Prediction: Holloway by decision
Sweet MBA: I have always been smaller, outnumbered and indomitable. This is the very essence of Frankie Edgar. His camp ranges from Alvarez to Zabit to Sakilov to Anderson. The instruction of Marc Henry has been unparalleled. However, I have said this before and I will say it again, Holloway is an upgrade. He has the hands of a Diaz with the cardio to match, the wrestling defense of Cormier and adds in a new generation of kickboxing. This is the man who made Ortega’s corner throw in the towel. By MMA math, Ortega knocked out Edgar quickly. The most dangerous concept is Holloway just lost a double champ opportunity to Portier which can only make him hungrier. Holloway 2nd round KO
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