Round Zero Season 2 Episode 7 – Smokin Pictograms: Jones vs Santos


Ismail Naurdiev vs Chance Rencountre 

Dr. Akins: I haven’t seen enough of either fighter to analyze this fight objectively.
Sweet MBA: There is an irony about an Indigenous person fighting on 4th of July weekend. Rencountre by decision.
BraneDamage: Ismail Naurdiev vs Chance Rencountre * Ismail is only 22 but has been fighting for about 7 years. He holds an impressive 18-2 record with 16 Finishes & riding 3 straight wins. Chance is actually 10 years older than Ismail but started fighting a year after the youngster. He holds a 13-3 record with 9 finishes. Ismail Naurdiev via Submission.
Edmen Shahbazyan vs Jack Marshman
Dr. Akins: Shahbazyan in a RUN THROUGH! Prediction: Shahbazyan by KO
Sweet MBA: They are going keep feeding Marshman in the hopes of having a midcarder to book on UK shows. Marshman by decision.
BraneDamage: Edmen Shahbazyan vs Jack Marshman * Edmen is Undefeated & just a puppy at 21 years old he has only been fighting professionally for about 2 & a half years. He has some power in his hands with 8 TKO’s in 9 fights 5 of those in under a min & another at 1:08 of the first round. Marshman is a vet compared to Shahbazyan & he will need all of his experience in 31 (23-8) fights to fend the youngster off. Edmen Shahbazyan via TKO.
Gilbert Melendez vs Arnold Allen
Dr. Akins: Melendez need to retire! Allen is a young gun out of the Alliance gym on a seven-fight win streak. However, none of that competition was the caliber of Gilbert Melendez. Even though Melendez is past his prime, you still good enough to give a young gun a run for his money. He’s just too slow now. Prediction: Allen by decision
Sweet MBA: Sucka Free’s own Gilbert Melendez. Skrap Pack stand up. There is no coincidence that the El Nino training center is walking distance from where we tap this podcast. Melendez by TKO.
BraneDamage: Gilbert Melendez vs Arnold Allen * So glad to see Gil back in action but they are not giving him any warm ups by matching him up with Arnold Allen. Allen is only 25 years old with a 14-1 record on a 5 year, 7 fight win streak. Gilbert is 37 years old coming off an almost 2 year layoff & he is riding a 4 fight skid. Arnold Allen via Decision.
Alejandro Perez vs Song Yadong 
Dr. Akins: Song has been SICK, ILL, DIRTY in the UFC thus far this 21 year old fighter, has a dump truck load of potential. But he has never faced competition the caliber of Perez. Perez is an extremely durable fighter. Although, he has not been very impressive in the UFC, he has come up with wins. After all, isn’t that the name of the game? With that being said, I have no idea how this fight is going to go. Prediction: Perez by decision
Sweet MBA: Yadong is savage sanshou player. I am obviously biased. Yandong by submission.
BraneDamage: Alejandro Perez vs Song Yadong * Perez is 21-7 with 14 Finishes coming off his first loss in 4 years. Song is 13-3 riding a 6 fight win streak. This is a Nor Cal rivalry fight with AKA vs TAM. Alejandro Perez via Decision.
Diego Sanchez vs Michael Chiesa
Dr. Akins: Why?! Prediction: Chiesa by submission
Sweet MBA: Sanchez defines battle joy. To the untrained eye, his bloody eyes, smashed faced and shambling forward may look like a broken zombie. To Diego Sanchez, there is nothing better than constant pressure as he moves forward. It shouldn’t be a surprise that he is nominated for HOF fight with Guida. Chiesa on the other hand, may have seen too many wars. I am not convinced Chiesa has battle joy. If this fight goes to the third round, Sanchez will finish Chiesa.
BraneDamage: Diego Sanchez vs Michael Chiesa * These two warriors are never in a dull fight, it’s just not in their DNA. Both these veterans always leave everything in the cage & I expect nothing less for this match up. Chiesa is 15-4 while Sanchez is 29-11. Michael Chiesa via Submission.
Jan Blachowicz vs Luke Rockhold
Dr. Akins: Fireworks are on the way ladies and gentlemen! Fireworks are on the way! The first fighter to land cleanly will win this fight. It’ll be interesting to see Rockhold in the Octagon minus a weight cut. Blachowicz is coming off a KO loss to Santos. This is a huge fight for both fighters. The winner of this fight could see a light heavyweight title shot in his future. Prediction: Blachowicz by KO
Sweet MBA: Loyalty. San Jose, AKA. Ft. Launderdale, Hard Knocks. There is no other way for me to see this. Lucas is my guy. The criticism has been that Rockhold has no chin. We will see at 205. Rockhold by TKO.
BraneDamage: Jan Blachowicz vs Luke Rockhold * Both of these guys were knocked out in their last outing & need a win to get back on track. Jan is 23-8 & Luke is 16-4, both men have 14 finishes. I feel like Rockhold is over looking Blachowicz with all this talk about fighting Jones next. I honestly don’t know why he would think he would be next in line if he did win here. Jan Blachowicz via TKO.
Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren
Dr. Akins: Well, Askren has proven that he belongs in the UFC. That is all I ever wanted. In Askren’s last fight, we saw an all-time great comeback in the Octagon. But against Masvidal, he’ll need to get off to a much faster start. Masvidal’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. Masvidal has a warrior’s mentality. In a fight against a guy like Askren, that can also get you into a lot of trouble. Masvidal must keep his distance, work the jab with heavy combinations. He also must refrain from kicking. Askren he’s a master of using his opponents kicks to his advantage to shoot in for takedowns. There are very few fighters in the world that can keep Askren from taking them down. Prediction: Masvidal by decision (reluctantly)
Sweet MBA: This is the main event to me. If it stays on the feet, Masvidal cuts Askren in half. Askren’s claim is that he can walk through all of Masvidal’s shots, take him down and end the fight. I really like Askren’s wrestling but his mispronouncing of names is starting to make me wonder if he is getting racially clever. Most fights do in fact end on the ground. Askren by decision.
BraneDamage: Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren * Askren is still undefeated at 19-0 but he has never faced a guy like Masvidal, he will need to get this fight to the ground fast. Jorge is 33-13 & will be looking to take Askrens head home with him. To do that he will need more then a 3 peice with the soda, he will need to be ready to Sprawl & Brawl for 15 mins. I’m pulling for Masvidal & the KO but history has favored the wrestler over the striker more often. Ben Askren via Decision.
 Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm
Dr. Akins: Seriously?! Prediction: Nunes by KO
Sweet MBA: Holm might just have the formula. This is the female Jon Jones we are talking about. I will take the unpopular opinion and say Holm by decision.
BraneDamage: Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm * Holm is 12-4 with 8 KO’s & a win over Megan Andersson in her last fight. Nunes is 17-4 with 15 finishes 12 of them KO’s. Amanda is on an 8 fight winning streak that also includes winning both the Women’s Bantamweight & Featherweight Championships. She also has a pair of wings against the current Women’s Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko. Lioness is the only woman to KO Former Champ Cris Cyborg. Holy is known for rising to the occasion in big fights & I expect nothing less. This should be a WAR. Amanda Nunes via KO.
 Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos
Dr. Akins: The inability to remain objective keeps me from making a pick in this fight.
Sweet MBA: There is no limit to the levels the UFC will go to in order to keep Jones champion while feeding him competition who appear to have a chance.
BraneDamage: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos * Thiago is 21-6 with 15 KO’s & a Submission, riding a 4 fight winning streak. Jon is 24-1 & 1 No Contest, with 10 KO’s & 6 Submissions. Santos basically has a punchers chance here because he does pack dynamite in his hands. If Santos can catch Jones with a heavy combo early I could see him pulling off the upset & shocking the world. Outside of that it is very likely that Bones picks him apart easily. Jon Jones via Submission.
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