Round Zero Season 2 Episode 5 – Man On Fire: Cejudo vs Moraes


Yan Xiaonan vs Angela Hill 

Dr. Akins: I have no idea how this fight will go. Both fighters have a lot to add to their game. Prediction: Hill by decision
Sweet MBA: Xiaonan is the first woman from China to compete in the UFC. Unfortunately I was not able to make her my first pick in my fantasy league – she was that popular. Obvious bias – I am betting she does Sanshou and/or Sanda. She also has the same birthday as Tupac. Angela Hill is no slouch. She used to be in my fantasy league. I appreciate her high level of striking. I really enjoy her pre-fight weigh in costumes. I am frustrated with her ground game and have been for a while. This is exciting and tough. The key here is technique repetition. Xiaonan by TKO.
BraneDamage: Yan is 10-1 going undefeated in her last 9 with a No Contest in 2016. Hill is 9-6 coming off a win that ended a 2 fight skid. Angela Hill by Decision
AdisaBanjoko: Yan by decision. Multifaceted and physically strong for her weight class.


 Bevon Lewis vs Darren Stewart
Dr. Akins: Both fighters have KO power. Let’s see what happens. Prediction: Stewart by KO
Sweet MBA: Bevon has been in my fantasy league for a while friends. He is talented, focused, hard working and skilled. He is also handicapped by training with Anakin Bones Jones. What is interesting is Darren Stewart is handicapped as well. He is a mma fighter from England. Lewis by decision.
BraneDamage: Lewis is coming off his first career loss at 6-1. Stewart is coming off a loss that halted a 2 straight TKO Finishes. Both guys looking to get back in the win column. I honestly don’t know enough about these guys to have a prediction but I’m looking forward to a great fight.
AdisaBanjoko: Lewis by TKO
Eddie Wineland vs Grigory Popv *
Dr. Akins: It’s time for Wineland to retire. Prediction: Popov by KO
Sweet MBA: Is this fight happening? It was here in the morning, gone from the UFC hours after I made the survey.
BraneDamage: Canceled
AdisaBanjoko: Eddie sub skills are underrated.
Katlyn Chookagian vs Joanne Calderwood 
Dr. Akins: This should be an interesting fight. There’s a possible title shot on the line for both fighters. However, both fighters have shown an inability to finish a fight. As we know, leaving a fight in the hands of the judges can be dangerous. Prediction: Chookagian by decision
Sweet MBA: Calderwood by decision. She trains with Roxanne Moddafieri. Chookagian plays the pace game. She might be the flyweight version of Elias Theodoro who we don’t have to snooze through any more. If she keeps Calderwood at the end of her jab, Chookagian by decision.
BraneDamage: Battle of the 10 letter last names that brown with C. Joanne is 13-3 & on a 2 fight winning streak. Katlyn is 11-2 looking to get back into the win column after dropping a split decision to Jessica Eye who will be fighting for the title later in the evening. Katlyn Chookagian by Decision.
AdisaBanjoko: Chookagian balanced in her approach. Mental strength.
Ricardo Lamas vs Calvin Kattar
Dr. Akins: This should be an explosive fight. But Lamas is passed him prime. Prediction: Kattar by KO
Sweet MBA: Calvin Kattar. Not because he looks like Abraham from Walking Dead. More so that Lamas has been in a nose dive. He struggles against grapplers with good counters which is ironic because it is what he used to be. Kattar by decision.
BraneDamage: Lamas is 19-7 & had a TKO win his last outing that halted a 2 fight skid. Kattar is 19-3 & also had a TKO victory in his last fight. Kattar by TKO.
AdisaBanjoko: Lamas by low kicks. Kattar has poor mobility.
Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Alexa Grasso
Dr. Akins: This is too quick of a turn around for Kowalkiewicz. What can you improve or add to your game this fact. I expect her slide to continue. Prediction: Grasso by decision
Sweet MBA: Some times I wonder: are these two, too cute and pretty, to fight. It occurs to me as sexist, chauvinistic and sad but it has to be asked. I think Alan Jouban might be too pretty fight as well. Karolina is coming off a starching at the hands of Andrade which was the platform for gaining the belt to be followed by Waterson putting boots on her. Grasso has hands for days. I am a sucker for the Mexican style of boxing, especially the speed at which these women fighters are employing it. However Grasso is similiar to Karolina in that she struggles against grapplers with power counters. This will be a great fire works match of striking. Neither of these women have the tools to beat one another by finishing which is wrestling. Kowalkiewicz range by legs will earn the decision.
BraneDamage: Karolina is 12-4 riding back to back losses. Alexa is 10-2 & she’s struggled in the UFC flip flopping wins & loses in her 4 bouts in the big leagues after winning the first 9 of her career. Alexa Grasso by Decision.
AdisaBanjoko: Coming off the KO its hard to call. Mentality will be a factor.
Aljamain Sterling vs Pedro Munhoz
Dr. Akins: There is a lot no the line is this fight. There’s no doubt a title shot will be on the horizon for the winner. The question is, whose skill set will prevail? Both fighters have been on a roll. Munhoz has won his last three fights, finishing two. Sterling has also won his last three. Submitting one. I looking forward to watching this one. But, I’m not sure either fighter is ready for this moment. Prediction: Muhnoz by decision
Sweet MBA: Ironically I copy and paste this blog as a format. The slot from just two cards ago used here was Garbrandt vs Munhoz. The pattern is forming. If he knocked out Garbrandt, what do you think he will do to you Sterling? Nah gwon wrestlin my yoot! Munhoz by TKO.
BraneDamage: Aljamain is 17-3 & Pedro is 18-3 both these guys are riding a 3 fight winning streak so this match up is well put together. Pedro Munhoz by TKO.
AdisaBanjoko: Munhoz by decicison. Better grappling skills.
Tatiana Suarez vs Nina Ansaroff *
Dr. Akins: These are the fights that young fighters tend to lose, but I have NO faith in Ansaroff at all. Prediction: Suarez by KO
Sweet MBA: Nina Ansaroff is good peoples. She will also put in the work load with striking to touch up any woman’s face in the octagon. Her jiu jitsu makes anyone think twice about the take down and inevitable ground game. Suarez is obviously better on the ground, using her long torso, core strength and wrestling acumen to hold the top position. She can reign bombs from top that makes most jiu jitsu players cover up. The questions I am trying to answer is around Suarez’s striking output and accuracy on her feet enough to soften Ansaroff? I feel suspiciously skeptical. If I am honest I love Suarez story. Ansaroff’s might be stronger. Suarez by split decision. I think Suarez takes a lot of damage.
BraneDamage: Tatiana is undefeated at 7-0 with finishes in all but 2 of those wins. Nina is 10-5 with wins in her last 4 outings. This could very well put the winner into a title shot if former Champion Rose Namajunas really retires. Tatiana Suarez by Submission.
AdisaBanjoko: Suarez by decision
Tai Tuivasa vs Blagoy Ivanov *
Dr. Akins: Someone’s about to get KNOCKED OUT!
Sweet MBA: UFC is a fan of Tai. Its very simple. They get Mark Hunt 2.0 with a new contract, less shelf life and he drinks beer out of his shoe. It is in the UFC’s business interests to ensure multiple ANZAC athletes stay promoted as the territory is ripe for growth and rich in promotion power. Ivanov is no joke though. Multiple WSOF (PFL) champ. He beat Fedor in 2008 Word Sambo Championships. He lost to Fedor 6 months earlier. He is Bulgarian so shout out to Gary Vee and Anchor for hosting us. Ivanvov took off 21 months because —- he sustained injuries in a bar fight. How the other guys look? He fought in Bellator, won and left. When have you ever heard that? Usually its the reverse. Lost in UFC, went to Bellator and lost. Recently beat Ben Rothwell and his laugh. If Metro don’t trust ya. If Tuivasa misses, Ivanov by decision
BraneDamage: Tuivasa is coming off the first loss of his young career. Even though his record shows that he fought twice in 2012, Tai didn’t fight again until Dec 2015 & so I still feel he is a puppy in the game of MMA with a very high ceiling. Ivanov is 17-2 & has been fighting since 2007 so big difference in experience here. Common sense would tell me to pick Blagoy by Decision but I can’t use common sense to vote against my Polynesian Heritage. Tai Tuivasa by KO.
AdisaBanjoko: Tuivasa by KO. Solid strikes.
Jimmie Rivera vs Petr Yan
Dr. Akins: Neither fighter comes across as skilled. Both fighters use extreme athleticism to their advantage. Rivera is a good wrestler with some striking. Yan is a fighter with brute strength with some striking. I am not sure how this fight will go. Prediction: Yan by decision
Sweet MBA: Peter Yan. I think Jimmie is permanantly injured. Yan by decision.
BraneDamage: Jimmy is 22-3 sandwiching 2 losses in his last 3 after he had an amazing 20 fight winning streak. Peter is 12-1 riding a 7 fight winning streak. Yan is heavy handed & could put Rivera away early but I feel the longer the fight goes its Jimmy who has the advantage. Jimmy Rivera by Decision.
AdisaBanjoko: Rivera TKO. GNP is strong
Tony Ferguson vs Donald Cerrone *
Dr. Akins: I am not going to pretend that I know what Ferguson will be at this point. We know what type of fighter he has been. A fighter who uses awkward angles and footwork to keep his opponents off guard. Ferguson has won his last eleven fights, but a myriad of injuries and personal issues could have his head elsewhere and who could blame him? Cerrone seems to be in a different head space of absolute focus. He has won his last three fights in dominating fashion. Cerrone is clearly on a mission. Let’s see if he can achieve it. Prediction: Cerrone by decision
Sweet MBA: This is going to be crazy. This might be the weirdest fight in all of mma. Some different shit gon happen, mark my words. Ferguson by submission.
BraneDamage: Tony is 24-3 riding an 11 fight winning streak with 8 finishes in that span. Cerrone is 36-11 on a 3 fight winning streak & all 3 have come after Tony’s last fight in Oct. 2018. This could easily be a title shot on the line on this one but LW is so crazy at the top & been a bit logjamed as well so these guys might need another win after this fight as well. Tony Ferguson by Decision.
AdisaBanjoko: Cerrone by TKO. Both are late starters so initiative early could be a factor.
Valentina Shvchenko vs Jessica Eye
Dr. Akins: Eye has NO chance. Prediction: Shevchenko by KO
Sweet MBA:  I have massive respect for Jessica Eye. She is tenacious as shit. She could end up being the fly weight Miocic, who is stupid good. But Valentina aint losing this belt unless she hands it away. Schevenko by decision.
BraneDamage: Valentina is 16-3 on a 2 fight winning streak. Eye is 14-6 on a 3 fight winning streak. Valentina Schevchenko by TKO.
AdisaBanjoko: Shevchenko. All over good fighter
Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes *
Dr. Akins: Everytime you think Cejudo can’t do something, if pulls it off. Moraes poses an interesting challenge. Prediction: Moraes by KO
Sweet MBA: Its very hard to call this. You have this Olympian turned mma fighter who has won gold medals and beaten TJ Dillashaw on EPO. Cejudo is undeniable. Moraes has been bodying fly weights like he is hunting them. He is a student of Mark Henry which means he spends training days with Zabit, Edgar, Alvarez, Sakhilov, Anderson and Eubanks. It feels like Moraes day by TKO.
BraneDamage: Henry is 14-2 with a 4 fight winning streak that includes dethroning the then Pound for Pound #1 fighter in the World Demetrious MightMouse Johnson to become only the 2nd ever UFC Flyweight Champion. In his next bout he took out Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw in 32 seconds to become Double Champion. Marlon is 22-5 on a 4 fight winning streak with finishes in his last 3 outings. Im actually taking the upset special on this one, I had Moraes knocking out Dillashaw if they didn’t set up the Superfight with Cejudo instead. Marlon Moraes by TKO AAAAAAAND NEEEEEEEW!
AdisaBanjoko: Moraes has enough wrestling can stop Cejudo and he is more dynamic on his feet..
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