Round Zero – The Juice Is Loose: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson 2

Brian Kelleher vs Montell Jackson  
Sweet MBA: Poor Brian. Montell talks alot of trash, even when he’s losing. He will win this by first round KO. This was supposed to be on UFC 230 and some how ended up here. I repeat: Poor Brian. Montell talks alot of trash, even when he’s losing. He will win this by first round KO.
Dr. Akins: Both fighters have explosive power. Let’s see who comes out on top. Prediction: Jackson by decision
Fred Yu: No comment
Curtis Millender vs Siyar Bahadurzada   
Sweet MBA: I suspect this is safety first night for the great tacticians at Jackson Wink coaching Siyar. Finish is possible for Millender if he can evoke a brawl. Bahadurzada by decision.
Fred Yu: No comment
Uriah Hall vs Bevon Lewis  
Sweet MBA: Uriah Hall vs Bevon Lewis sounds like the illest soundclash since Ninja Man vs Supercat. I suspect they are feeding Uriah to keep him around. Hall by decision.
Dr. Akins: I won’t pick Hall unless I have to. Prediction: Lewis by decision
Fred Yu: Uriah Hall
Nathanial Wood vs Andre Ewell  
Sweet MBA: Andre Ewell looks like the template for every black man who has ever wanted to repair bikes for a living. Ewell looks like his favorite butcher. Ewell is a finisher. Wood is searching for a second UFC finish. Hard to call. Ewell by submission.
Dr. Akins: This is a coin toss. You take your pick. Prediction: Ewell by KO/TKO
Fred Yu: No comment
BJ Penn vs Ryan Hall  
Sweet MBA: Shout out to Max Holloway. That’s the only thing I have to say about Hawaiians right now. The rest of this space is just sad.
Dr. Akins: Why?! Prediction: Hall by KO/TKO
Fred Yu: No comment
Silva De Andrade vs Petr Yan  
Sweet MBA: Ladies and gentleman, prepare for the art of eight limbs that we have grown to love called Muay Thai. By all logic, this should be Douglas Silva De Andrade’s fight. Except he is fighting a Russian from Tiger Muay Thai who hangs with the greatest featherweight of all time. Yan by KO.
Dr. Akins: Silva De Andrade is BRUTAL! Prediction: Silva De Andrade by KO/TKO
Fred Yu: No comment
Cat Zingano vs Megan Anderson  
Sweet MBA: I am probably not grateful enough. Thank you to everyone for being here. Thank you to all the cage cousins for tuning in. Thank you to God for making this match. The hottest MILF in MMA versus the hottest older sister in MMA. We also have the goddess of ground and pound versus the reverend mother of range. On paper this is devastating match up for Anderson. In her last showing against Holm, Anderson should severe holes in her take down defense. Zingano is an accomplished grappler both as a wrestler and a jiu jitsu player. I suspect Zingano takes this by stoppage in the second round.
Dr. Akins: Let’s see how Zingano deals with Anderson’s unusual range. Prediction: Zingano by submission
Fred Yu: Cat Zingano by TKO
Andrei Arolovski vs Walt Harris   
Sweet MBA: Walt Harris has not be active since exactly 12 months ago. Long time to be out. Especially against a dog like Arlovski. Andre may have no chin but he is still dangerous with experience. Arlovski by submission.
Dr. Akins: Why?! Prediction: Harris by KO/TKO
Fred Yu: Andrei Arolovski Decision
Chad Mendes vs Alexander Volkanovski 
Sweet MBA: The second fight back for Mendes after a two year suspension against City Kickboxing’s Volanovski. I have an active theory that as talented as the Auckland based Citi Kickboxers are, they have been reliant on their conditioning and mental toughness too often. We just saw this last week with Hooker vs Barboza. If Volkanovski is counting on countering the right hand of Mendes, he will be ended. If Volkanovski is able to keep pressure and use slips along with sprawls, he will wear down Mendes and finish him in the second, Given the politics of training camps, I believe Volakanovski by decision.
Dr. Akins: Volkanovski has been on a roll, winning all 5 of his UFC fights so far. But none of his opponents we’re the caliber of Mendes. Being on the Main Card on the world stage my be too much too soon. Prediction: Mendes by decision
Fred Yu: Alexander Volkanovski by TKO
Ilir Latrifi vs Corey Anderson
Sweet MBA: Is this what we are going to do? Circle the record with the same four guys, two camps? I am bored already. Gustafsson, Manuwa and Latifi all veying for LHW championship status while training together. Anderson staying in the 5 to 6 range while be being either out struck by Manuwa or negotiated by Gustafsson. Do I think Latfifi can out wrestle Anderson? Not likely. Neither does Anderson. He is counting on it. When he shoots, Latrifi will counter and knock him out. Latrifi by KO.
Dr. Akins: Anderson has ALWAYS had a problem against KO artists. Latifi is exactly that! Prediction: Latifi by KO/TKO
Fred Yu: Ilir Latrifi by KO. This fight has the potential to be a barn burner. I’m predicting Ilir
Carlos Condit vs Michael Chiesa 
Sweet MBA: Well Well Well. Look what we have here. Condit on his second post retirement fight against a new member of the welterweight division. This is a fairly intriguing show. We know Chiesa is no match for Condit’s hands nor was he much of match for any striking at lightweight. I do not think Condit is a match for Chiesa’s takedown and wrestling pressure. The wild card is Condit’s jiu jitsu. I can see Condit pulling a sneaky submission in the third.
Dr. Akins: I will never pick a fighter who has one foot out the door. Prediction: Chiesa by decision
Fred Yu: Carlos Condit by KO by headkick
Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes
Sweet MBA: Thank you to Mitch for requiring me to answer this questions months ago when this was first booked: “Can Amanda Nunes beat Cyborg?” Can is the verb that denotes an ability. Nunes CAN beat Cyborg. There is a possibility. Cyborg’s dominance has come against freestyle fighters, wrestlers with some boxing and mma technicians. Her problems have been against elite boxers and elite muay thai:
So the opportunities for Amanda are based on accuracy, volume and range. Most importantly, Cyborg’s danger is created from her hooks, side knees and round houses. She swings in arc and circles. Might as well think of her as the female Wanderlei. Hell……she is his student! This also means she has exactly the same weakness: long range straight attacks coupled with speed. Wanderlei’s losses come from people with orthodox boxing ie the right cross. Amanda has every tool possible to fight Cyborg and win. One small problem, Amanda’s losses in Invicta came from Sarah and Alexis. Muay thai practioners who are the product of CSA in Pleasanton CA. Shout out to Kieran. In fact CSA has a trade association with Alpha Male; CSA gets sent fighters who really need to learn elite striking, Alpha gets sent the strikers who need wrestling. Shout out to Hector. Furthermore, Amanda’s KO loss was to Cat Zingano who was hardcore at Blackhouse under Anderson at the time.
Is Cyborg aware of this hole?
Amanda needs to radically change her training to win this fight. Din Thomas is only 1/3 of the equation. There is an exceptionally small possibility that Nunes has made this change.
Dr. Akins: We all know that Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino is BRUTAL. 9 of her last 10 fights she has finished, with the only Holly Holm taking her to the distance. With each fight that passes by, Justino looks more unstoppable. Her kickboxing and Mauy Thai abilities are unquestionable. The only thing I can question is her ability on the ground. Justino’s opponent Amanda Nunes may be the most skilled fighter she’ll have to face in her career. Nunes (a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and brown belt in Judo), has outstanding footwork, combined with an uncanny ability to exploit the weaknesses of her opponents. Her ever-improving boxing skill and ability to find her range early will be the key to this fight. Prediction: Nunes by submission (reluctantly)
Fred Yu: Cris Cyborg by TKO. As much as a beast Amanda is, she has folded before. Cyborg will eventually break Amanda and win by TKO.
Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson
Sweet MBA: I will not go down the rabbit hole of despite Jon Jones being black, being one of the greatest to ever do it, I want him to lose. I am no deep lover of Gustaffson but I believe he beat Jones during the first fight. When they meet again, Gustaffson will out technique Jones while Jones chases finishes he is incapable of without PEDs. Gustafsson by decision.
Dr. Akins: I’ll believe it 2 weeks after this fight is over.
Fred Yu: Jon Jones by decision. It’ll be interesting to see how Jon bounces back from all that is going on in his life. We have little evidence to say he won’t win. He will squeak out another decision against The Mauler.
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