Ferguson Wood And Liverpool Till: Woodley vs Till

Geoff Neal vs Frank Camacho  
The Good Doctor: Camacho is coming on three straight “Fight of the Night” Awards. The issue is that he’s lost two of them. if he gets caught in one of those slobberknockers again, IT’S CURTAINS! Prediction: Neal by KO
Sweet MBA: Neal looks like every single black marine I have ever met or trained with starting with Mikey Mo. I almost always disappointed with anyone who calls themself “Hands of ______”. Camacho by contrast seems to crack more jaws and lands more. However his volume isn’t nearly as accurate. With Neal’s range advantage, I give him the decision.
TheBrane: Camacho has sandwiched a win between two losses in his 3 UFC fights, meanwhile Neal has three straight wins all by finish. Geoff Neal by 3rd Rd Submission.
Fred Yu: Frank style has gotten him this far but has yet to be proven at the UFC level.
Ryan Benoit vs Roberto Sanchez   
The Good Doctor: Classic Striker vs Grappler matchup. Both of these fighters have the ability to finish a fight. The difference is the Benoit has the tendency to lose focus and get caught slipping. Prediction: Sanchez by submission
Sweet MBA: Who is feeding who? In actually food, nobody is feeding Sanchez. This is why he will win. He is hungry. Sanchez by submission.
TheBrane: Benoit has flip flopped wins and losses his last 9 fights but his last fight was a nice Head Kick KO. Sanchez is 8-1 with all 9 fights ending by way of submission. Safe to say Ryan has the strikng advantage while Roberto has the Jiu-Jitsu credentials to negate that. Roberto Sanchez by 2nd Rd Submission. Edit: Benoit is out of the fight for undisclosed reasons. Jarred Brooks has stepped in to face Roberto Sanchez as of Monday morning. Pick stays the same Sanchez by Submission.
Fred Yu: Roberto Sanchez via Submission (RNC) Both fighters are calculated and calm within the storm of fights. Roberto Sanchez prevails via Rear Naked Choke with relentless grappling pressure throughout the fight.
Irene Aldana vs Lucie Pudilova  
The Good Doctor: I am concerned with Aldana being on this big of a stage. When the lights shine the brightest, that is when she tends to fall flat on their face. I cannot deny her talent. Aldana is technically sound with great head movement and takedown defense. But she’ll need to do something she’s never done before, finish the fight early. The longer this fight goes, the worse it is for her. Pudilova has every bit the skill to match Aldana with one difference…. Gas tank. If this fight goes beyond the midway point of the second round, Aldana will not win this fight. Prediction: Pudilova by decision
Sweet MBA: Irene Aldana by second round KO via hook.
TheBrane: I’m really looking forward to this fight as you have the 12th & 13th Ranked Women’s Bantamweight Fighters locking horns. Aldana is the more well rounded fighter while Pudilova has a slight striking & cardio edge. Both these ladies are warriors who won’t stop coming forward, we should be in for a treat here. Irene Aldana by Decision.
Fred Yu: Irene Aldana via TKO Both fighters have long range striking with clinch tactics. Irene will eventually control top position and finish the fight TKO.
Jim Miller vs Alex White  
The Good Doctor: Even though Jim Miller is in the Twilight of his career, and I personally believe he should hang it up. He still has enough left in the tank to beat Alex White. Alex White just isn’t good enough. Prediction: Miller by submission
Sweet MBA: Time grinds mountains to sand. The greatest of us face it. If we didn’t, I’d be the bantamweight champ. Alex White by 2nd round KO.
TheBrane: This will be Miller’s 30th UFC Bout & I can’t say i’ve ever seen him in a dull fight, however he has lost his last 4 straight. White is 3-4 in his UFC Career & coming off a loss in his last outing. You can bet both these guys understand that a loss here could be an Express ticket to Bellator & will be fighting for their lives. I think Miller will likely try to get this fight to the ground ASAP while White will be trying to avoid the takedown & use counter strikes to keep him at bay. Safe bet would be to pick Miller by UD but I have a gut feeling Alex will catch him late. Alex White by 3rd Rd TKO.
Fred Yu: Alex White via Decision Both fighters fighting to to keep their place in the UFC. Jim Miller use to be sharp but has shown signs of dullness in his last fights. Alex White will squeeze out the decision.
Diego Sanchez vs Craig White   
The Good Doctor: There is absolutely nothing about White’s game that I like. But Sanchez has nothing left in the tank. It is time to finally hang it up! Prediction: White by KO
Sweet MBA: The newest annoying member of Team Arrow versus the newest Arrow villian of the week. Things don’t look good for the Jackson Wink dynasty on this one. White by first round KO.
TheBrane: I feel like I could literally copy & paste the breakdown of the last fight & it would work here as well. Sanchez, another gritty vet that’s never been in a boring fight. In his 28th UFC Bout instead of 30 & only lost his last 2 instead of 4. However those 2 were both devastating 1st Rd Knockouts. White is only in his 2nd UFC contest but with all 14 of his wins coming by way of finish (6 KO 9 SUB) I think he has what it takes to stick around for awhile. But he has to get through Diego first & The Nightmare is still dangerous anywhere the fight goes. Craig White by 2nd Rd TKO.
Fred Yu: Craig White via decision Diego Sanchez grit has been depleted through the years. Craig White is still getting acclimated to the UFC. Craig will win via decision.
Jimmie Rivera vs John Dodson  
The Good Doctor: These two fighters have similar skill sets. So, what will be the difference in this fight you ask? Dodson’s speed and athleticism. John Dodson maybe the most athletic fighter in the UFC today. (By the way, did you know that Dodson can dunk a basketball? At 5’3″!) Rivera is gritty with good boxing and wrestling skill. But he lacks the ability to finish a fight. Sooner or later, that will come back to get him and that could be in this fight. Although Dotson’s athletic ability tends to be the difference in a fight. I believe it is time for him to move on from Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA. I do not believe he can reach his full potential without moving on from that fight camp. Prediction: Rivera by decision
Sweet MBA: Dodson gives me hope. Rivera gives me doubt. He should have beat Moraes. However the emotions and business got to him. As impressive as his striking is with the Tiger Shulman lineage, Dodson’s wrestling has him clowned. Dodson by decision.
TheBrane: Rivera was on an incredible 9 year, 20 fight win streak until he ran head first into the Brick wall that is Marlon Moraes. He will be looking to get back into the win column & close his way back towards a title shot. Dodson has alternated wins & losses in his last 7 fights & has never been finished in the 9 losses on his record. Both of these guys love to bang but ste also very well rounded. Look for this one to either by very violent or a complete chess match. Jimmy Rivera by Decision.
Fred Yu: John Dodson via TKO John Dodson’s disciplined speed will be too much for Jimmie.
Abdul Razak Alhassan vs Niko Price  
The Good Doctor: Neither fighter has faced competition of this magnitude. Both of these fighters are finishers. And because of that I actually expect this fight to be slow and calculated. I anticipate that both fighters will be fearful of a finish by their opponent. However, I feel that Price maybe the more well-rounded of the two. Prediction: Price by decision
Sweet MBA: Ride with the mob, Alhamdulillah Check in with me and do your job Ferg is the name, Ben Baller did the chain Tourneau for the watch, presi Plain Jane Alhassan is going to spin so hard they will call it a Nkrumah. Alhassan by ko.
TheBrane: Razak Alhassan is an absolute SAVAGE! 9 wins all by KO he has the power to put anyone to sleep. Price though has a chin of granite & he loves the underdog role. This should be an absolute WAR! Abdul Razak Hassan by 3rd Rd KO.
Fred Yu: Abdul Razak Alhassan via KO Abdul striking will be too much for Niko. Abdul wins via KO.
Charles Byrd vs Darren Stewart   
The Good Doctor: Stewart just isn’t good enough…. Prediction: Byrd by submission
Sweet MBA: Things are going to go very very very bad for the dentist. The good news is he can rearrange his own teeth. Byrd by KO.
TheBrane: Byrd is on a 4 fight win streak with all 4 coming by stoppage. 8 of his 10 career wins are finished & half are by Submission. Stewart is coming off a 2nd Rd TKO in his last fight but lost 3 straight before it. With 2 of those losses by Submission, i’m thinking he falls prey to one of Charles’ strengths. Charles Byrd by 2nd Rd Submission.
Fred Yu: Charles Byrd via TKO This will be a good back and forth fight with Charles coming out on top with a TKO.
Aljamain Sterling vs Cody Stamann  
The Good Doctor: Sterling has lost some closes fights to top competition in the UFC. For instance, Raphael Assuncaõ and Bryan Caraway. Also a KO lost to Marlon Moraes. Although Stamann is currently on a three-fight winning streak in the UFC, he has been completely unimpressive and underwhelming. I often wonder how in the world he’s even ranked 10th! I have to give him credit though, when you watch him fight you can see the extremely high fight IQ. However, that is a gift and a curse. If he wishes to climb the ladder in the bantamweight division, at some point he will need to take risks. The interesting thing about this matchup is, both fighters strong point is grappling. Stamann must avoid grappling exchanges which could leave him susceptible to being submitted. Sterling is one of the best submission artists in the UFC today. Can he do that? I’m not so sure. Prediction: Sterling by submission
Sweet MBA: Cognitive dissonance is the psychological stress experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. Examples of contradictory beliefs: Being #8 or lower and calling out top 3 bantamweights Being a funk master who brings no funk Being Jamaican American and hanging closely with Trump supporters All three of these descriptions fit Aljamain. Taco Time! When I come back, bet Stamann wins by decision or submission.
TheBrane: Sterling is literally one of the only Jamaicans on this planet that I truly dislike. That said he is still a solid fighter that is well versed in grappling. Stamman is on a 4 year 10 fight winning streak, only 2 were KOs but he keeps saying he will K0 Aljamain & I hope he does. But i’m going to go with my gut, Cody Stamman by Decision.
Fred Yu: Aljamain via submission Both fighters to showcase their fight but Aljamain comes out of a scramble with a submission victory.
Brandon Davis vs Zabit Magomedsharipov  
The Good Doctor: Well… Madgomedsharipov by KO
Sweet MBA: This is the main event to me. I have waiting to see Zabit fight again since his hand was raised at the last fight. Brandon is going to be cut in half. We call it sanshou. Magomedsharipov 3rd round KO
TheBrane: I was really looking forward to the crazy unorthodox striking war that was going to be Zabit vs Yair, but unfortunately Yair is “injured” & out of the fight. I don’t know much about Brandon Davis except that he is fearless to accept a fight with Zabit on a few days notice. Zabit Magomedsharipov by 1st Rd TKO.
Fred Yu: Zabit by spinning back kick to set up a submission finish.
Carla Esparza vs Tatiana Suarez  
The Good Doctor: Carla Esparza worries me. As you’ve heard many times on his podcast, I am not a fan of those who are unable to finish a fight. Esparza has struggled to do so and it is cost her. With a fighter like Suarez, you must be able to find an opening and close the deal. Because Suarez is so well-rounded those holes are few and far between. Suarez may be the most well-rounded fighter in all of women’s mixed martial arts. If Suarez is able to keep Esparza at bay and avoid the takedowns followed by the ground and pound she will win this fight. But as you’ve also heard me say before, these are the fights that young fighters tend to lose. Prediction: Esparza by decision
Sweet MBA: Cookie Monster! I was super surprised at her last loss but if you leave it to the judges…. I hate to say it. If the past is a predictor of the future, then Suarez by third round submission.
TheBrane: Esparza has the clear experience & wrestling advantage here, she is a tough cookie (see what I did there?) That is tough to put away. Suarez is hungry & looking to really make a big move up & possibly slingshot herself into the top 5 in the Strawweight division with a win over Esparza. Tatiana Saurez by 3rd Rd Submission.
Fred Yu: Tatiana Suarez by split decision
Jessica Andrade vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz 
The Good Doctor: Kowalkiewicz’s only two losses have come to two of the three best fighters in mixed martial arts today. There is no question Kowalkiewicz should be exactly where she is, which is at the top of the strawweight division. However, the one thing that has cost her in a lot of these matchups is her glaring weakness… grappling. And as it so happens, Andrade strength is exactly that. Andrade however, has fallen in love with her increased ability to box. And because she has brutal knockout power, she has begun to lean on that. The one thing that everyone should keep in mind, is that Andrade is a top Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner. That should be the difference in this fight. Prediction: Andrade by submission
Sweet MBA: Andrade by first round submission. Karolina simply cannot keep Jessica off her to defend take downs and once on the ground this fight is over.
TheBrane: Andrade is the more well rounded fighter while Koealkiewicz has the striking advantage. Both the ladies have zero quit in them & tons of heart. I think Karolina keeps Jessica honest with the jab early but Jessica will eventually get the takedown & then it’s a wrap. Jessica Andrade by 3rd Rd Submission.
Fred Yu: Karolina by decision. Karolina will mix up the techniques enough frustrate Jessica for the decision.
Nicco Montano vs Valentina Shevchenko  
The Good Doctor: Montaño did the unthinkable, with all of the odds stacked against her. She won the inaugural flyweight championship in The Ultimate Fighter. With all of that being said, with that great accomplishment came great responsibility. As the saying goes, heavy is the head that wears the crown. Now she finds herself with a daunting task facing Valentina Shevchenko for the title. Shevchenko’s only losses in the UFC, have come to the bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. I flat-out feel to see anything in Montaño’s game to derail Shevchenko becoming the champion. Prediction: Shevchenko by KO
Sweet MBA: I just can’t call it. This will be the first title defense for Montano. This will also be the second fight for a indigneous woman champion. Yet she fights the russian bullet by way of peru. I suspect…….its the bullet by ground and pound in round 4.
TheBrane: This is the Very First Women’s Flyweight Title Defense in UFC History! Montano has proven time & time again that she should never be underestimated in any fight. She is the First & only Women’s Flyweight Champion for a reason, overcoming stacked odds against her in every bout on the way. Nicco was ranked as the 14th seed of the TUF 26 Flyweight Tournament & beat seeds 3 Lauren Murphy, 6 Montana Stewart, 2 Barb Honchak, & the #1 seed Roxanne Modafferi all by Unanimous Decision to Win the Title. But she has yet to face a Savage like Shevchenko before, Valentina is one of the most vicious women in all of MMA. I would give her the clear striking advantage here & she is no slouch on the ground either with 7 submissions on her record. I can’t sleep on Nicco but I don’t see her being able to weather the storm that is Bullet Shevchenko. Valentina Shevchenko by 4th Rd TKO.
Fred Yu: Valentina by landslide TKO
Tyron Woodley vs Darren Till
The Good Doctor: 
Sweet MBA: Woodley is going to knock Till down several times. He is going to take him down. He is going to dominant him. If he does not finish him, they will hand his belt away.
TheBrane: Woodley is a very well rounded fighter that is dangerous anywhere & has a very high fighter IQ. Till is hugh for 170 & even though he missed weight in his last fight I think he will be on Championship weight on Friday. Darren is a heavy hitter who can smell blood in the water & seek out a finish when he does. Woodley is going to have to out gameplan him & use his experience along with all his tools to be able to keep his strap. If he gets into a brawl with Till we could be hearing AAAAND NEEEEW! Unfortunately it might be another boring chess match but sometimes that’s the smartest move for the Champion. Tyron Woodley by Decision.
Fred Yu: Darren Till by decision
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