The Battle Of The Bros: Dillashaw vs Garbrandt 2

Marlon Vera vs Wuliji Buren  
The Good Doctor: T\A fight that is almost too close to call. Vera is coming off back-to-back fights in which he was utterly dominated. There isn’t a lot of information on Wuliji, but from what I can tell, he seems to be a Sanshou style fighter who specializes in take downs and submissions. Unfortunately, that plays into Vera’s hands. Prediction: Vera by submission
Sweet MBA: Netflix did not renew Marco Polo for Season 3. This was a mistake. Another mistake is Vera thinking he will out grapple a Mongolian. Buren by submission.
TheBrane: Vera by 2nd Round Sub
Danielle Taylor vs Weili Zhang  
The Good Doctor: Taylor is lightning quick and strong as a bull. However, her reach has been a disadvantage in a couple of fights. If she is unable to get inside she generally has trouble. In regards to Zhang, there isn’t much information on her to make a fair determination. Prediction: Taylor by decision (by default)
Sweet MBA: I used to mess with Danielle Taylor but she disappointed me both politically and in the octagon. I don’t know much about Zhang but she’s from Hebei which is the style of Hsing I practice. I am going with Zhang by decision.
TheBrane: Taylor by Decision
Ricardo Ramos vs Kyung Ho Kang  
The Good Doctor: So far Ricardo Ramos has been dominant in his two UFC fights. Ramos is an elite grappler who has the ability to surprise you with his Muay Thai strikes. Kyung Ho Kang is in his second fight in his return to the UFC, after serving his mandatory military service in his home country of South Korea. Kang is a very well-rounded fighter. No matter what situation he will find himself in, he seems to be well prepared for. However, Ramos is the better grappler. I fully expect Kang to keep this fight standing. If Kang is able to avoid this fight going to the ground, he will have a better chance at winning this fight. Prediction: Ramos by decision
Sweet MBA: On some many levels, I must pick based on emotion. To quote Ye, I’m living three dreams: Biggie Smalls, Martin Luther, Rodney Kang. Hell Kang the conqueror. If not for Mr. Perfect, there would be no Kliq, no Outsiders, no NWO.
TheBrane: Ramos by KO 1st Round
Alex Perez vs Jose Torres  
The Good Doctor: Perez has been on a roll, winning his last seven fights. Perez is extremely unpredictable. After watching his film, I can find no discernible pattern in his fighting. I can’t even say he has a style. I am quite sure that this kid has a future in this flyweight division (125lbs). Torres is also on a roll, winning the first eight fights of his career. All of those wins have been in dominating fashion. Torres unlike his opponent, has a style that can be elaborated on. Torres is a “freak athlete”, who has panther-like quickness and is “uncommonly” strong for a flyweight fighter. I have seen Torres finish fights in a myriad of ways that point directly to his “uncommon” strength. From KO slamming an opponent to vicious knees. If Perez leaves ANY daylight, Torres will find it and put that light out! Prediction: Perez by decision
Sweet MBA: Every brown skinned brother who spoke Spanish, where I am from, named Jose but folks called “SHORTY” had hands of lighting and stone. 50% KO/TKO rate with 2.7 strikes landed per minute at a 3 out of 10 accuracy. Yep. Shorty!
TheBrane: Torres by 3rd Round TKO
Matt Sayles vs Sheymon Moraes   
The Good Doctor: Matt Sayles reminds me so much of Dominick Cruz it’s scary! The only difference I could see between the two is Sayles one punch KO power. Sheymon Moraes is a good striker with almost no ground game at all. These two fighter are on a collision course for stand-up war. Prediction: Sayles by KO
Sweet MBA: Don’t know who will win but looking at Sheymon, I am excited for the Hell Boy reboot.
TheBrane: Moraes by Decision
Ricky Simon vs Montel Jackson  
The Good Doctor: 
Sweet MBA: Switch their names and you still get some bad 90’s RnB. Both of you cats look suspicious and your stats is even more. Simon by decision.
TheBrane: Simon by Decision
Pedro Munhoz vs Brett Johns  
The Good Doctor: Pedro Muhnoz lost a close fight to John Dodson his last time out. Brett Johns lost a unanimous decision to Aljamain Sterling his last time out. Both fighters are great on the ground, meaning someone is going to have to find an advantage while the fight is standing. I’m just not sure that either of them can. Prediction: Muhnoz by decision
Sweet MBA: Munhoz by third submission. Taco time.
TheBrane: Munoz by Decision
Cub Swanson vs Renato Moicano   
The Good Doctor: Cub Swanson just keeps pulling tough fights. The only cupcake he is ever fought is Artem Lobov. You have to respect a fighter who keeps saying yes to these tough fights. After two gut-wrenching losses to Frankie Edgar and Brian Ortega, Cub Swanson chose to switch training camps moving over to The Treigning Lab and leaving the comforts of Jackson/Wink MMA. Due to that change, I have no idea what Swanson is going to look like. Renato Miocano is as skilled a Muay Thai fighter you will find in MMA today. So skilled, that he tends to fall in love with it during a fight and forgets that he’s a BJJ black belt, which resulted in his lost to Brian Ortega as far as I could tell. With Cub Swanson switching camps, it will be interesting to see how quickly Renato Moicano can figure Cub Swanson out. That is where the difference in this fight will be. Prediction: Moicano by decision
Sweet MBA: Blood In Blood Out 3: Hipster’s Happiness Swanson by submission.
TheBrane: Swanson by Decision
Polyana Viana vs JJ Aldrich  
The Good Doctor:Prior to her entrance into the UFC, JJ Aldrich was one of the most intriguing and explosive fighters in the strawweight division, showing power and poise in the octagon. Since her entrance into the UFC, she has been extremely hesitant, showing a total lack of confidence in her ability. That hesitancy has resulted in some subpar performances. Although she has won two of her first three fights so far in the UFC, she has not looked like the JJ Aldrich of old. Occasionally, you will get that out of a young fighter when they reach the big stage. Against Polyana Viana, there is no room for that hesitancy. Polyana Viana has the potential to become one of the most explosive fighters in women’s mixed martial arts history. Much like her countrywoman Cristiano “Cyborg” Justino, Polyana Viana is devastating when standing with submission skills every bit as good as a Ronda Rousey. Remember you heard it here first! Polyana Viana will at some point be the strawweight champion of the world! That journey starts now. Prediction: Polyana Viana by submission
Sweet MBA: Previously on Game On Thrones….. Viana by decision.
TheBrane: Viana by Decision
Thiago Santos vs Kevin Holland  
The Good Doctor:
Sweet MBA: This fight used to be end of the main card now its at the bottom. Here’s what they think about you. Thiago has one of the best walk out songs in MMA history. This is a make it or break it fight. They are trying to recycle my dude by feeding a young guy. If Holland can stay at reach, keep Santos at the end of his punches and avoid take downs, he can squeak it by. Santos by decision.
TheBrane: Santos by 2nd Round Sub
Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo  
The Good Doctor:Haven’t we seen this before? Prediction: Johnson by submission
Sweet MBA: GOAT stays the goat. How old is Cejudo? 31 in a karate class? Tae bo bro. What you want to kick knowledge? DJ by 4th round KO.
TheBrane: Johnson by 4th Round KO/TKO
TJ Dillashaw vs Cody Garbrandt  
The Good Doctor: Normally, I would have some long soliloquy. But all of you need to understand that TJ Dillashaw is the better fighter. There is no need for me to elaborate any more than that. Prediction: Dillashaw by KO
Sweet MBA: I just can’t. I really can’t. If I fought, this would be my division. The appearance of these two makes me turn away. This comes down to has Garbrandt evolved enough to to bring a new set of tools that Dillashaw with his Munoz wrestling and Duane Bang kick boxing hasn’t seen before. I do not believe so. Dillashaw by split decision.
TheBrane: Dillashaw by Decision
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