War For The Ages – UFC 226 Superfight: Miocic vs Cormier

Dan Hooker vs Gilbert Burns 
The Good Doctor: This is a pretty evenly matched fight. Hooker is 6-3 in his UFC career, with all six victories coming by way of finish. Burns is 5-2 in his UFC career with all five victories also coming by way of finish. This fight could literally go either way. Because this fight is so evenly matched, it is going to come down to one person making a mistake. Who will that person be? I guess we will find out. Prediction: Hooker by decision
Sweet MBA: Gilbert Burns has transitioned from high level BJJ grappler in mma to KO artist. However his tutelage under Hooft will not be enough to deal with the knees of Hooker. Hooker by KO.
TheBrane: Burns by decision. Burns has knockout power but Hooker is as tough as they come with KO power of his own. Both guys are well rounded, Should be a slugfest.
MikeyMoTheMC: Dan Hooker by decision. New Zealand has better strikers than Brasil in my opinion. Dan Hooker will pepper Gilbert up and fight a defensive fight.
Curtis Millender vs Max Griffin  
The Good Doctor: Millender is and extremely explosive fighter and a prospect coming out of the LFA. Well versed in unorthodox combinations including surprising head kicks. Max Griffin is a grinder, with very good wrestling skills. Max Griffin also has very good ability to nullify counter striking by using the aforementioned wrestling skill. Prediction: Millender by KO (RELUCTANTLY)
Sweet MBA: Is Curtis Millender really just Head Busser in a Roger from American Dad disguise? Only USADA knows. Max Griffin is from Sacramento where fighting with your hands and feet means life or death. Max Pain by decision. Special shout out to Curtis’ previous career
TheBrane: Griffin by decision. Both of these guys are young and hungry with extreme knockout power. I am picking Max over Curtis strictly for the Nor Cal > So Cal rivalry.
MikeyMoTheMC: Curtis Millender. 3rd round tko. This fight looks like it should have been in New Jack City. It look like Nino about to be his brothers keeper. The classic light skinnrd verse dark skin match. Im team chocolate!
Raphael Assuncao vs Rob Font  
The Good Doctor: Assuncaõ has been on a roll. Winning 10 of his last 11 fights. His only loss coming to the current bantumweight champion. Font has also had a great showing winning five of his last seven fights, all victories coming by way of finish. and that is where I believe the difference in this fight will be. Rob Font’s ability to finish a fight and willingness to lay it all on the line. Prediction: Font by KO
Sweet MBA: I cannot in good faith root for a SMMG’s Stalley unemployment plan. However Assuncao hasn’t been the same since Killashaw rearranged him. Assuncao by submission.
TheBrane: Assuncao by 2nd Rd Sub. Font is an exciting guy who is fun to watch everytime his name appears on a card. But I’m giving this to Assuncao on experience and the fact that this might be his last chance to get a title run.
MikeyMoTheMC: Rob Font. 2nd round tko. These lightskin cats are crafty and I don’t think Raphael will be ready for whatever surprises Rob will bring. Rob is a better striker and he will handle Raphael.
Paul Felder vs Mike Perry  
The Good Doctor: Expect this fight to be wild! Prediction: Felder by decision
Sweet MBA: I have often felt and was taught that the cost of using the N word means being able to take repeated blows to the head without response. I have only rooted against Felder once due to being a Trinaldo fan. Perry’s come forward style is nice to watch for a match or two but it has its limits. If Felderkeeps range, he ends this in 3rd round by KO.
TheBrane: Felder by decision. Paul Felder has replaced Yancy who broke his rib. Even though it’s short notice he was in camp for a fight a week later. Felder is tough & we know Perry has power but if Felder weathers the storming think his gas tank will outlast Perry’s especially since he won’t have to cut to 155.
MikeyMoTheMC: This is now Paul Felder vs Mike Perry. Im going with Perry. 1st rnd KO. These two are gonna run wild like hulkamania soon as that bell rings. They are gonna try to win fight of the night and someone will sleep early.
Uriah Hall vs Paulo Costa  
The Good Doctor: Simply put Uriah Hall is an underachiever! I expect Paulo Costa too in this white quickly! Prediction: Costa by KO
Sweet MBA: Jamaica vs Brazil. A FIFA World Cup throw back. We know Hall’s karate timing and range turns necks. We know Costa’s hands do as well. The question will be in the clinch. Will Hall’s time at Extreme Couture add some wrestling to his game? Probably not. Keep in mind this guy couldn’t make weight against Vitor. Costa by submission.
TheBrane: Costa 3rd Rd TKO. Both of these men have some highlight reel KO’s top their credit. I think Costa is just on an extreme streak of finishes & his pace will catch up with Hall late in the fight.
MikeyMoTheMC: Hall. 1st rnd tko. I can never turn my back on Jamaica.
Gokhan Saki vs Khalil Rountree Jr.  
The Good Doctor: There just isn’t enough information on Saki to make it informed decision on this fight. I’m not even sure why he is on the main card with Khalil Rountree Jr. Based on the fact that I haven’t seen enough on Saki, I have to go with Roundtree. Prediction: Roundtree by decision (Because I haven’t seen enough film on Saki)
Sweet MBA: If we are here to educate the masses, then I should mention the Turkish force of nature that is Gokhan Saki when he kick boxes. One of the best strikers in history. Roundtree is the disciple of Anderson Silva, one of the best mma strikers of all time. This will not go to the ground, all though that may be where Roundtree is more proficient. Roundtree by decision.
TheBrane: Saki by 1st Rd KO. Saki ws a devastating Kickboxer before transitioning to MMA. Roundtree seems to hesitate in his fights & Gokhan will pounce if he smells blood.
MikeyMoTheMC: Saki. 1st rd KO. I use to watch Saki in Glory Kickboxing and he was a warrior champion. If he brings that same fire he will kill in the UFC.
Michael Chiesa vs Anthony Pettis  
The Good Doctor: This fight was supposed to take place in UFC 223, until “The Irish Voldemort” struck and wreaked his havoc, injuring Chiesa and pulling the fight. Luckily, Chiesa’s injury was not as bad as Ray Borg’s. (Whose career could be over). Pettis is back to where he belongs at 155lbs. Coming off a KO loss to Poirier in November 2017. Pettis looks to get back on track against a tough opponent. Chiesa is coming off a controversial loss to Kevin Lee and what some would call one of the worst officiated fights of all time. I absolutely love this matchup. This one is tough to call. Prediction: Pettis by KO
Sweet MBA: Pettis brothers have wilted against wrestlers. Chiesa is that. This fight should have happened long ago but the Dark Lord disrupted. Chiesa by decision.
TheBrane: Chiesa by submission 2nd Rd. Chiesa has been itching to fight for the last year & he is determined to get into title contention. Pettis has lost 5 of his last 7 & just has not had that fire since he lost the title to RDA.
MikeyMoTheMC: Chiesa by decision. This will be a classic. But I frel like its Chiesa’s time to shine. Im a big Pettis fan but I think Chiesa has his number on this one.
Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis   
The Good Doctor: Plain and simple….. SOMEONE’S GETTING KNOCKED OUT! Prediction: Ngannou by KO
Sweet MBA: Before I predict, I must state that the minute this fight was booked, there were five winners: #1 Derrick Lewis’ IG account is still champion and GOAT #2 Ngannou’s dedication of victories to speak on slavery in Libya is what sports advocacy should be #3 All hardcore MMA fans know this is a dream match up #4 The Council of Wakanda recognizes the conflict of identities between the African and the Black American. #5 This fight is the epitome of what our podcast is about: africans across the globe using martial arts and combat sports to solve debates and better themselves Lost Tribe wins by stoppage.
TheBrane: Ngannou KO 2nd Rd. These guys have been going at it on social media for a couple years now. I think Ngannou has learned a lot from his title fight with Stipe & he will start to evolve his career in this fight. Plus Lewis has been practically bragging about how much his back has been bothering him in camp. Could be a decoy but never give your opponent a hint of your weakness.
MikeyMoTheMC: Lewis. 1st rd TKO. These two big monsters only have enough gas for 1 good round. Lewis is more skilled and will catch Ngannou slippin.
Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega  
The Good Doctor: Ortega has won three straight post-fight Awards. Two of which came by submission, the other coming from the unthinkable, which is a knockout of Frankie Edgar. Ortega has proven that he is ready for this stage. The champion Max Holloway has won three consecutive championship fights all coming by KO, including the shocking (at the time) finish of Jose Aldo (Twice over). I expect this fight to start slow. Both fighters will feel each other out for a couple of rounds. There are clear advantages for both fighters. (Holloway with striking). (Ortega with grappling). However, both fighters would tell you that they’re prepared for where ever the fight goes. It’ll be interesting to see how this fight pans out. Prediction: Holloway by decision
Sweet MBA: The Blessed Era continues. How do we understand this? The Hawaiian who crushes Brazilians. The Mexican who crushes everyone at Brazilian jiu jitsu. Ortega will be featherweight champion one day but not on July 7th. Holloway by 4th round KO.
TheBrane: Holloway by decision. Despite the fact that Max has faced a bunch of former champs, I still feel like Ortega is going tobe the biggest test of his career thus far. Ortega started out as a submission specialist who can slap that infamous T- City Triangle on from anywhere. However, his quick KO of Edgar who had never been finished by strikes showed that this kid is dangerous everywhere. It may be my Hawaiian biased but I feel like Max’s experience & championship drive will be the deciding factor.
MikeyMoTheMC: Ortega by decision. To me Ortega is clearly a better fighter than Holloway. He will out point him and frustrate him the entire fight.
Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier  
The Good Doctor: The fight we’ve all been waiting for. Daniel Cormier is looking to do what no other fighter has done. Hold the heavyweight and light heavyweight championship simultaneously. Miocic is looking to solidify his claim to being the greatest heavyweight of all time. This is what combat sports are all about! The chase for greatness! Although Cormier has increased his boxing ability, Miocic is the better boxer. Miocic although a pretty good wrestler, Cormier may be the best wrestler in MMA today. The one thing I know for sure is Cormier’s gas tank as a heavyweight is INSANE. If Cormier wins this fight, it will be because of the tempo of the fight. His output will need to be a pace that Miocic cannot match. He will need to close the distance and use “dirty boxing” to his advantage. If Miocic wins this fight, it will be because he is using the jab. Miocic must keep Cormier at the end of his jab to setup combinations. And he MUST put Cormier away EARLY! The deeper this fight goes, the more dangerous it is for Miocic. History will be made either way. Prediction: Cormier by decision
Sweet MBA: The first real super fight in UFC. The record breaking heavyweight champion Stipe. Perhaps the greatest UFC heavyweight to do it. The record breaking light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier who has won the Strikeforce Heavyweight grand prix and defended the title. Parallels may be the key. Lebron is considered the greatest basketball player to do it, but the Warriors still swept him. Stipe is from Cleveland and AKA is only 45 minutes from the Oracle Arena. Cormier will be the Heavyweight champion by rear naked choke in the 4th round.
TheBrane: Miocic by 3rd Rd KO. DC is a man amongst men, he is undefeated in the heavyweight division and has beaten some great fighters in his time. Never has he faced a guy like Stipe, a young wrestler with knockout power from any angle. If DC pull it off he is in the conversation for the Greatest. I just don’t see him being able to last 25 minutes of Miocic’s power.
MikeyMoTheMC: Cormier. 3rd round tko. The only thing that can stop a focused DC is any version of Jon Jones. We all know this. DC will eat everyone else including Stipe.
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