Return To The War Of The Islands – Whittaker vs Romero 2


Mike Santiago vs Dan Ige
The Good Doctor: A tale of two UFC fighters, fight for their perverial UFC lives. As we know styles make fights. Santiago is a fighter who thrives on pressuring his opponent. But at times, will leave his chin up, creating an easy target. Ige is a grinder and at times will be too patient, allowing his opponent to control the fight. Unless Ige changes something for this fight, he’ll be destined to lose this fight as well. Santiago by decision
Sweet MBA: Ige has the experience, Santiago has the look. Ige by submission.
TheBrane: I do not know much about Santiago but the Good Dr has convinced me that he is a bad match up for Ige. Santiago by decision
MikeyMoTheMC: Even though I believe Ige is the better of the two, I feel like Santiago is gonna outpoint him. Santiago by decision
Clay Guida vs Charles Oliveira  
The Good Doctor: Why?! What does this fight accomplish? Retirement should be right around the corner for Guida. Oliveira by decision.
Sweet MBA: Clay Guida has the gas tank, Oliveira has the bjj. Guida by submission.
TheBrane: Do Bronx is gonna snack Clay like Nate did a few weeks ago. Oliveira by submission.
MikeyMoTheMC: I feel like this is Clay’s retirement fight. I would like to see him win but I think Charles may be too much for him. Oliveira by third round decision.
Joseph Benavidez vs Sergio Pettis  
The Good Doctor: This is a big fight for both fighters. This will be Benavidez first fight since returning from injury. Pettis is coming off a loss to Henry Cejudo. We have no idea what Benavidez will look like after this long layoff. Pettis has done nothing but fight the best of the best. The same came be said for Benavidez. This fight will be close. It’s important to keep in mind that Pettis has yet to reach his fighting prime. Benavidez by decision.
Sweet MBA: Finally a fight that Pettis can win. Pettis by KO.
TheBrane: Joe B it’s finally back, but unfortunately after a long 19 month layoff the ring rust will be a factor and Pettis has improved every fight. Pettis by decision.
MikeyMoTheMC: This will be a very exciting fight! Ulitimately I think the rust on Benavidez will lead to his defeat. Pettis by first round submission.
Rashad Evans vs Anthony Smith  
The Good Doctor: Evans is 2-6 in his last 8 fights. Including losses in the last 4. If you’ve been watching and listening to this podcast. You’ve heard me calling for his retirement for the last two years. And now he’s taking yet another tough fight. Smith is 4-4 in that same span. Coming off a “Fight of the Night” loss to Thiago Santos. Smith is an extremely confusing fighter. You never know what you’re going to get from him. It’s hard to see what Smith does well. I trying to find a reason to pick Smith, but I don’t see one. Evans by decision.
Sweet MBA: This fight makes me superbly nervous. Evans by TKO.
TheBrane: My heart says Rashad, my mind says Smith. MMA has been very brutal on the heart when it comes to having an OG face a young stud. Smith by TKO.
MikeyMoTheMC: Im praying Rashad wins this fight and rides off into the sunset. Evans by decision.
Rashad Coulter vs Chris De La Rocha  
The Good Doctor: Neither of these fighters belong in the UFC. But since this fight is happening….oh wait…. nevermind…..Draw.
Sweet MBA: Coulter’s other job. Coulter by KO.
TheBrane: With guys this big even sloppy striking should produce a knockout. Coulter by KO.
MikeyMoTheMC: Taco and tinkle fight! Big Yella Fella gonna hurt the school PE teacher that is De La Rocha. Coulter first round KO.
Ricardo Lamas vs Mirsad Bektic  
The Good Doctor: This is a match up of two of the most explosive fighters the featherweight division has to offer. Both have extreme KO power with quick hands. Literally anything can happen! But Bektic has never fought competition on this level. Lamas by KO.
Sweet MBA: These are the two other guys Yair wanted no part of. Lamas has the wrestling but Bektic has the striking. Bektic by decision.
TheBrane: Yes I picked Lamas because I like his dogs, so what! Lamas by decision.
MikeyMoTheMC: This is also a FOTN canidate. I feel like Bektic has a good chance if he plans properly. But he has no room for error. Bektic by second round TKO.
Claudia Gadelha vs Carla Esparza  
The Good Doctor: This is an interesting match up because with Rose Najamunas as champion, both of these fighters have a realistic chance to get back to the top. I will always have an issue with fighters who do not finish fights. Esparza hasn’t finished a fight since her submission victory of the current champion in December 2014. That doesn’t bode well against a fighter like Gadelha unless you can find a way to make Gadelha tired early. Gadelha is a tremendous grappler. She has been at a disadvantage against fighters who are tremendous strikers. In a way, this matchup plays into both fighters’ strengths. It’s going to come down to which fighter has a trick up her sleeve. Esparza by Decision.
Sweet MBA: The tale of the strawweight women rebuild. I believe ground and pound beats defensive BJJ.  Esparza by TKO.
TheBrane: I believe Claudia defeats every woman at 125 minus Joanna & Rose. Dare I say gatekeeper? Gadelha by submission.
MikeyMoTheMC: These two are going to leave it all on the line as they rebuild themselves. To me, Esparza is a smarter fighter. Esparza by decision
Alistair Overeem vs Curtis Blaydes  
The Good Doctor: This fight can be summed up with just a few words…..Glass Jaw and USA Wrestling….Which one wins? We’ll see. Blaydes by KO.
Sweet MBA: Tactics and accurate kickboxing vs wrestling. Overeem by decision.
TheBrane: Blaydes learned from fighting Hunt that he needs to utilize his best tool early and often. He will not test the K1 level striking Reem has at all. I could see Alistair landing a knee when Curtis shoots for a takedown but I’m going to assume his coaches have prepared him to avoid said knee. Blaydes by decision.
MikeyMoTheMC: This is the big name that will put Blaydes on the map. Horse meat is a big dissapointment in the UFC. Hes the Greg Oden of the UFC. Blaydes gonna starch him! Blaydes by first round TKO.
CM Punk vs Mike Jackson  
The Good Doctor: What could I possibly say about two fighters there is virtually no information. Why is this fight on the main card? Oh yeah! CM Punk is from Chicago! But so is Ricardo Lamas! Why?!  Draw.
Sweet MBA: Protest via Taco Time. No contest.
TheBrane: Both guys lost their only Pro fight to Mickey Gal & now they are matched against each other, the only reason this is on the main card is because of Punk’s already established fan base. Just knock it off Dana. Punk by submission.
Andrei Arlovski vs Tai Tuivasa  
The Good Doctor: Why?! Why?! Why?! For what?!  Tuivasa by KO.
Sweet MBA: Arlovski should not have taken this fight. Tuisvasa by KO.
TheBrane: Arlovski will use his experience to get this fight dop the ground asap, Bam Bam only needs 1 well placed slot to put the Pitbull to sleep. I have a hard time believing he can’t land at least 1 in 15 mins but his takedown defense will be tested like never before. Tuivasa by KO.
MikeyMoTheMC: Andrei it was a great career. This is the end of the road now. Tuivasa second round KO.
Holly Holm vs Megan Anderson  
The Good Doctor: Holm is 1-4 in her last 5 fights. Coming off a spectacular preformance in a championship fight against Cristiano “Cyborg” Justino in which she fell short. Holm is a master of control the fight distance, which will come in handy against a fighter like Megan Anderson. Anderson (the former Invicta featherweight champion) is in her long awaited debut fight in the UFC. This long range of Megan Anderson is a problem for most fighters. It’ll be interesting to see how Holm chooses to handle a fighter who stands 6’0″. Anderson by decision.
Sweet MBA: Holm has the best boxing in women’s mma. Anderson has the most power and range in women’s mma. Holm by decision.
TheBrane: I would have liked if the UFC had brought Megan up the ranks the right way with a couple top 10 fights before right into Championship contention, but she is a savage so he we are. Anderson by decision.
MikeyMoTheMC: I love Holy Holm as much as anyone but we all know that a taller, agressive fighter like Megan is stylistic nightmare for her. Anderson by third round TKO.
Rafael Dos Anjos vs Colby Covington  
The Good Doctor: I expect Dos Anjos to make an attempt at keeping the fight standing. Covington likes to pressure and attempt to get the fight to the ground. However, Dos Anjos is very competent off of his back. Because Dos Anjos striking has improved so vastly, he hasn’t needed his ju-jitsu skill lately. Covington must get a KO in order to win. It’s possible. I just don’t think it will happen. Dos Anjos by KO.
Sweet MBA: The hype train ends. RDA by KO.
TheBrane: Colby has talked his way here, RDA has fought his way here. Mouth meet Fist! RDA by KO.
MikeyMoTheMC: Dos Anjos is a killer. Colby is a talker. This will be like watching a lion against a hyena. Dos Anjos by second round submission.
Rafael Dos Anjos vs Colby Covington  
The Good Doctor: Whittaker is coming off an injury but may be the most well-rounded fighter in the middleweight division. Romero (even at the age of 41) may be the most explosive fighter in the middleweight division. With both of those things being said, I expect this fight to go exactly like the first. Romero using his explosiveness, Whittaker using his ability to strike and move, while avoiding the takedown. Unless the old dog learned a new trick, the fight will yeld the same result. Whittaker by decision.
Sweet MBA: South pacific + karate + boxing + rugby ends out Carribean + tae kwon do + wrestling + boxing. Whittaker by decision.
TheBrane: Here we have two of the best fighters in the world today, both men are vicious & explosive. I think the power advantage goes to Yoel while the versatility goes to Robert. I think Whittaker’s youth is what will be the biggest difference between them. Whittaker by decision.
MikeyMoTheMC: I think Yoel learned a lot from their last fight. I think its finally his time for a belt. Set up the trilogy. Romero by third round KO.

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