The Brazilian Lioness versus The Rocky Mountain – Nunes vs Pennington


Perez vs. Bochnovic
The Good Doctor: Draw.
Sweet MBA: Salt Bae got added last Friday morning.
TheBrane: Bochnovic by decision.
Mina vs. Emeev  
The Good Doctor: Two evenly matched fighters with evenly matched skill.  That generally makes for a stand-up war that doesn’t amount to much.  We will see what happens here.  Emeev by decision
Sweet MBA: Russia stays winning. Emeev by submission.
TheBrane: Emeev by decision.
Leites vs. Hermansson 
The Good Doctor: Simple equation here. Leites needs the fight to go to the ground.  Hermansson needs to keep the fight standing.  From that we can infer what both fight camps focused on.  how will this fight go? Hermansson by KO
Sweet MBA: Leites by decision.
TheBrane:  Leites by submission.
Alves vs. Aliev 
The Good Doctor: Here we go again!  Striker versus grappler matchup.  Guess which one is which.  The issue is Aliev has been up and down since joining the UFC and so has Alves.  You have to evaluate them both fight by fight which makes this fight tough to call. Aliev by KO.
Sweet MBA: Aliev by San Shou combo to submission.
TheBrane: Aliev by decision.

Zaleski dos Santos vs. Strickland 

The Good Doctor: I smell fireworks!  This should be a war. Strickland by decision
Sweet MBA: Strickland by decision.
TheBrane: Zaleski by decision.
Ramos vs. Hein 
The Good Doctor: Hein has been on a roll, winning his last three fights.  The problem is, Hein is a grappler and so is Ramos.  Ramos happens to be a better grappler. Ramos by submission.
Sweet MBA: Hein by decision. Germans seem to know how to dominate people with Winter Soldier tattoos.
TheBrane: Ramos by KO/tko
Oleinik vs. Albini 
The Good Doctor: Another grappler matchup.  This one is pretty simple.  This fight WILL go to the ground.  Once it does, will see if Albini can hang.  Let me make sure I’m clear, Albini is no slouch!  But Oleinik’s only true rival is Damien Maia. Oleinik by submission.
Sweet MBA: Oleinik by submission.
TheBrane: Oleinik by decision.

Ferreira vs. Roberson 

The Good Doctor: Ferreira is an interesting fellow.  When he faces the top fighters in his division, well, let’s just say he’s been less than stellar.  When he faces fighters at the bottom or making their debut, he’s been spectacular.  So, you know what that means.  Roberson is a very interesting fighter  in his own right.  A “new age mixed martial artist”, with an array of skills.  Anywhere the fight goes he will be prepared for.  Ferreira has to walk the fine line between being careful and being aggressive.  The wrong move at the wrong time could end this fight quickly.  But I guess that goes without saying. Roberson by KO.
Sweet MBA: Roberson by KO in third round.
TheBrane: Ferreira by sub 3rd round.
Belfort vs. Machida 
The Good Doctor: WHY?! Draw and retirement.
Sweet MBA: Not sure who wins here but I know both combatants health care bill takes the belt.
TheBrane: Belfort vs. Machida ~I could not vote for any of them because I love them both. Pioneers  to the sport. Fans enjoy!

Lineker vs. Kelleher  

The Good Doctor: This is going to be a war.  Especially, because these fighters aren’t that skilled.  They will throw hands and thats it!  But it’ll be entertaining! Kelleher by decision
Sweet MBA: Lineker by Brazilian decisions.
TheBrane: Lineker by KO/tko round 2.

Dern vs. Cooper  

The Good Doctor: You have to give Cooper credit.  She has fought “dogs” (the best fighters) in the division.  And when you do that, you win some, you lose some.  And she has to do it yet again facing the upstart Mackenzie Dern.  If you have been listening to Cage Against The Machine for a while, you have heard me say that Mackenzie Dern is coming.  Well, here she is.  If Dern gets the fight to the ground, it’s BALLGAME! Dern by submission.
Sweet MBA: Cooper by TKO.
TheBrane: Dern submission round 2.

Souza vs. Gastelum

The Good Doctor: Souza is one the best to every do it, but he’s now a little “long in the tooth”.  Gastelum since moving to 185lbs (hopefully permanent), has looked like a completely different fighter.  I’m pretty sure I know how this fight is going to go.  Gastelum by KO.
Sweet MBA: I can’t call it. If Gastelum wins its by an uppercut KO in second round. If Souza wins, its ground and pound reversed to submission.
TheBrane: Souza submission 3rd round.

Nunes vs. Pennington 

The Good Doctor: I normally would have this long soliloquy outlining both fighter’s strengths and weaknesses.  but this fight doesn’t require that.  Simply put, Pennington does not stand a chance.  Nunes by KO.  
Sweet MBA: Nunes by KO.
TheBrane: Nunes 4th round ko/tko

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