Tiramisu vs Cupcake – Nurmagomedov vs Holloway

Magomedsharipov vs. Bochinak 
The Good Doctor: Very interesting match up.  Bochinak is coming off a win in UFC 220, has been up and down in the UFC so far going 2-2.  I haven’t quite figured out what Bochinak will be in the UFC.  Magomedsharipov is coming off two straight “Perfromance of the Night” awards (Both by submission).  Bochinak MUST keep this fight standing.  I’m just not sure he can. Magomedsharipov by submission.
Sweet MBA: Google: Magomedsharipov Dagestan Kung Fu and tell me what you see in those videos. I see Magomedsharipov by TKO.
MikeyMoTheMc: Poor Bochnaik. I feel like he’s in over his head with this one. Zabit is the truth. Zabit by 1st rd TKO.
TheBrane: Zabit Magomedsharipov has won 10 in a row finished 9 out of that 10 with 8 straight finishes. Last L 5 years ago.  6 KO 6 sub Ricardo Almeida Jiu-jitsu. Kyle Bochniak was undefeated before the UFC and flip flopped wins & losses all decisions & won his last so this week he loses.

Clark vs. Rodriguez 

The Good Doctor: This fight will be interesting for one reason, Rodriguez normally comes in light. For whatever reason, that works to Rodriguez’s advantage.  I’m looking forward to seeing if that will be true in this fight.  Clark has been up and down in the UFC.  In the fights that Clark lost, he’s been finished.  Rodriguez happens to be a finisher. Rodriguez by KO/TKO.
Sweet MBA: Return Of The Mack! Craig David is going to be slept.
MikeyMoTheMc: Devin Clark looks like he has a few R&B albums currently out and he would rather be singing than fighting. Just my opinion. Rodriguez is gonna wash him up quickly. Rodriguez 1st rd TKO.
TheBrane:  Mike Rodriguez 4 straight wins All KO’S vicious flying knee on DWTNCS. Lauzon MMA Over Devin Clark sandwiched 2 wins by Dec between being finished by ko & sub.  Jackson Wink.

Rawlings vs. Evans-Smith 

The Good Doctor: Both fighters have been demolished in their recent fights.  It’s time to start asking the question whether or not either of these fighters should remain in the UFC. I can honestly say, I do not know how to call this fight.  It could go either way. Evans-Smith by decision
Sweet MBA: Evans-Smith by spinning vegan tattoo kick.
MikeyMoTheMc: Snooozefest 2018. No input on this one. Smith by decision
TheBrane: Ashlee Evens Smith loss 2 in a row but has a 2016 win over Marion Reneau over Bec Rawlings loss 3 straight & got caught with karate kid kick by PVZ.

Caceres vs. Lobov 

The Good Doctor: In a fight of possibly the two worst fighters in the UFC, how do you pick?  Simple!  You don’t! Draw.
Sweet MBA: Lobov by 2nd round KO. The only reason to book this fight was to find a win for Sauron’s weed carrier.
MikeyMoTheMc: I feel like these two’s UFC career is on the line with this fight. So this will probably be the most exciting fight on the pres but only if these two are willing to leave it all out there! Unfortunately they both might get cut if they don’t put up a helluva performance. Lobov 2nd rd TKO.
TheBrane: Artem Lobov GOAT lost 2 straight hasn’t had a KO since 2014 but Caceres weak chin will help him avoid Bellator Over Alex Caceres Lost 6 out of last 9 & every time I put my faith into this guy he let’s me down.

Dunham v Aubin-Mercier 

The Good Doctor: Dunham has won 4 of his last 5 fights going 4-0-1.  Including a “Fight of the Night” award in an epic battle with Rick Glenn.  Aubin-Mercier by decision.
Sweet MBA: Lobov by 2nd round KO. The only reason to book this fight was to find a win for Sauron’s weed carrier.
MikeyMoTheMc: Dunham is a vet and a warrior. But Mercier reminds me of GSP too much. And thats dangerous.
TheBrane: One of the Four Brothers & since Marky Mark beat up Dr Strange enemy I gotta go with the Canuck who won 3 straight & 6 of 7 over Evan Dunham draw in last fight but won 4 straight before that.  Looks like Kane without the mask.

Lauzon vs. Gruetzemacher 

The Good Doctor: Gruetzemacher has not performed well in the UFC.  On the other hand, Lauzon has lost to inferior competition of late.  Can you hear the call of retirement?  I can. Gruetzemacher by decision
Sweet MBA: Gruetzemacher by decision.
MikeyMoTheMc: I just dont feel like Gritz is a big enough challenge for Lauzon. I feel like this fight is to feed Lauzon a W and get him back on the map before he retires. Lauzon 2nd rd TKO
TheBrane: Heart goes with Joe every time but his record hasn’t been great the last few years though he is never in a dull fight.  Lost 2 in a row giving Guida his first finish since 2011 & first TKO since 2008 over (but not likely) Chris Gruetzmacher had a 12 fight win steak before losing last 2 by sub.  Gritz is a  boring ass grinder so if he trashes Lauzon down it will be smoke break time for I.

Borg vs. Moreno 

The Good Doctor: Since Moreno came into the UFC, he has fought nothing but the best the flyweight division has to offer.  Holding his own going 3-1 in that span.  In that same span, Borg went 2-2 including the loss to Demetrious Johnson tapping out to that legendary flying armbar.  How does one recover from that type of loss on that grand of a stage?  I guess we’ll find out. Borg by decision.
Sweet MBA: Another case of terrible nick name versus horrible nick name. Taco and tinkle time.
MikeyMoTheMc: The battle of the worst nicknames in combat sports. I like Borg a lot. He’s gritty. But I feel like Moreno will be too much for him to handle. Moreno 1st rd stoppage
TheBrane: Brandon Moreno upset special. Before he Lost to Sergio Pettis had an 11 fight win streak 8 of them finishes over Ray Borg had championship experience almost going the distance with DJ before the now famous Suplex Armbar Tekken move.

Kowalkiewicz vs. Herrig 

The Good Doctor: This is a HUGE opportunity for Herrig.  Herrig has been on a roll! Winning her last 4 fights including a “Performance of the Night” award making Kailin Curran say “uncle”.  But on the other hand, none of those opponents were the caliber of Kowaliewicz.  Both of Kowaliewicz’s losses were to 2 of the top 3 fighter’s in the straw weight division.  How will this fight play out? Kowaliewicz by decision.
Sweet MBA: Herrig don’t want them polish hands but Karolina isn’t trying to stay one dimensional either. Kowaliewicz by submission.
MikeyMoTheMc: Herrig is a tough lady. In great shape. And has a promising future. But she isn’t ready for Karolina. Kowalkiewicz by decision
TheBrane: Karolina Kowalkiewicz Is a  Stone Faced KILLER over Felice Herrig. I can’t stand this attention whore but she has a 4 fight win streak & Karolina needs to put that to a stop.

Iaquinta vs. Felder  

The Good Doctor: This is a case of two fighters on a hot streak going head to head.  Iaquinta has finished 4 of his last 5 fights by KO.  Felder has finished his last 3 fights by KO.  I expect Iaquinta to take this fights to the ground. Iaquinta by decision.
Sweet MBA: Very hard to call. If it goes to the ground, Iaquinta. If it stays standing at range, Felder. If it becomes a brawler, Iaquinta. If it goes to clinch, Felder. Therefore, Iaquinta by decision because NY stays hating.
MikeyMoTheMc: This is gonna be a great fight. I feel like these two and going to put on a great show but Felder will fight more cautious which will cost him. Laquinta 1st rd TKO
TheBrane: Paul Felder can’t go against a guy named “The Irish Dragon” 3 fight win streak all TKO. Always in a slugfest over AL Iaquinta 5 fight win streak & 8 of 9 although I thought Masvidal beat him in a split decision.

Cheisa vs. Pettis  

The Good Doctor: Pettis is back to where he belongs at 155lbs.  Coming off a KO loss to Poirier in November 2017, Pettis looks to get back on track against a tough opponent.  Cheisa is coming of a controversial loss to Kevin Lee in what some would call, one of the worst officiated fights of all time.  I absolutely love this match up.  This one is tough to call. Pettis by KO/TKO
Sweet MBA: I always relate and love to young men who fight for a father that has passed well before it is his time. However in this scenario, it will be Chiesa by submission.
MikeyMoTheMc: I am a big Pettis brothers fan. But this fight is a total nightmare for Pettis. Maverick will submit him easily. Maverick 1st rd sub (Rear naked choke)
TheBrane: Michael Chiesa. I think this guy gets better Everytime he fights & he says that the ref stopped his fight with Kevin Lee prematurely.  Won 3 straight before that loss and wants to get back into title contention over Anthony Pettis. Showtime has not been the same highlight reel producing fighter since USADA came around.

Moicano vs. Kattar

The Good Doctor: Kattar is coming off that crazy KO of Shane Burgos.  Moicano got caught slipping in his last fight against Brian Ortega (But Ortega is catching everyone these days).  Moicano is a fantastic striker but leaves a lot to be desired in the power department.  However, Moicano in my opinion has a distinct advantage on the ground.  This should be interesting.  In the end, I look for Kattar to gain momentum. Kattar by decision.
Sweet MBA: Kattar is a buzz saw and Moicano is a woodman. Tune in when it gets dusty.
MikeyMoTheMc: In my personal opinion a high percentage of Brazilian fighters have glass jaws. I frel like Moicano will end up falling into this high percentage. Kattar 1st rd KO
TheBrane: Calvin Kattar What a comeback in his last fight against Burgos. Won 10 straight but only 3 TKO in that stretch over Renato Carneiro.Only loss was his last fight against Brian Ortega.

Namajunus vs. Jedrzejczyk 

The Good Doctor: We all saw what happened in the last match up. I will always say that when you get smashed in a fight, you do not deserve a rematch. But since this rematch is happening, I expect more of the same in this next fight. Jedrzejczyk hasn’t learned that all that mind psyching does not work with Namajunas. Namajunas by KO/TKO
Sweet MBA: More of the same. Rose plays with her for a round longer and then folds her with a kick, chokes her out. Shouts to my bro Pat Barry.
MikeyMoTheMc: The fight I have been waiting for! I love Thug Rose and Pat Barry. But Joanna is my favorite UFC fighter. Shes will learn from the mistakes that were made when she lost her belt. And she had a better weight cut than last time.Thug Rose had a perfect gameplan and executed last fight. She deserved that win. She humbled Joanna with a left hook. But I just don’t think she can do it again. This will set up one of the greatest rubber matches in UFC history.
TheBrane: Rose Namajunas. I think the mental aspect of not soaking to Joanna at all really worked wonders for her in their first fight.  She won’t have that advantage or the advantage of Joanna possibly taking her lightly.  However I think the loss being so devastating is still in Joanna head over (heart) Joanna Jedrzejczyk I still love Joanna & think she is one of the best strikers in WMMA, my heart jay loves Rose a but more. Although I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Joanna lights Rose up,  I just think her ego was a bit inflated during her title reign. Also I didn’t life the way she claims she didn’t tap in the last gift when she clearly did.

Ferguson vs. Nurmagomedov 

The Good Doctor: This is the fight that I have been waiting for.  This fight is going to be determined by where it goes. But at the end of the day, I believe that Nurmagomedov will dictate where this fight takes place. No one has been able to keep him from his game plan. However, with that being said if anyone can do it is definitely Ferguson.  Ferguson must keep this fight on the outside. And make sure that Nurmagomedov is that the end of each strike. Distance will be key in this fight.  If this is a striking battle, Ferguson will win this fight going away. How will this play out? We’ll have to wait and see. Nurmagomedov by KO/TKO
Sweet MBA: Herrig don’t want them polish hands but Karolina isn’t trying to stay one dimensional either. Kowaliewicz by submission.
MikeyMoTheMc: The fight the world has been waiting for! This is gonna be a GREAT fight but Khabib is going to excute a beautiful gameplan against Cucuy and submit him. Cucuy will not give up easy thou! Khabib is the future of the devision and I see him setting a title defense record once he wins that belt. Khabib by 3rd round submission.
TheBrane: Khabib is just so well rounded he has 8 KO’s 8 Subs & 9 Dec. I think his wrestling & relentless pressure gets him the title Over (this one is a coin flip) Tony Ferguson Tony is also very well rounded & has the kind of stamina that makes Cardio Cain look tired.  He only has 1 loss in the ufc & has since went on a 10 fight win streak. I think Tony could end up catching Khabib in a slick sub but ultimately I think Khabib will be smart enough to avoid them.  Although Tony does have pretty good tdd, & could keep him at distance with stiff jabs.  He may just have enough striking prowess to out strike Khabib & we did see MJ catch Khabib so I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Tony pulled it off with Strikes.

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