The Brazilian Cyborg versus The Russian Machine – Cyborg vs Kunitskaya


Johnson vs. Milstead 
The Good Doctor: I can’t pick Milstead on principal alone.  Knowing that he was smashed by Curtis Blaydes, and that decision was overturned on an archaic way of thinking (Thank you state of Texas).  The sad party is, this pic has nothing to do with Jordan Johnson himself. Johnson by decision.
Sweet MBA: Adam milstead by 1st round KO.
Caraway vs. Stamann 
The Good Doctor: This will be the first time we have seen Caraway fight in nearly two years. I certainly hope he is focused for this contest because Stamann is no joke.  Stamann is coming off a nail-biting victory over Tom Duquesnoy. Caraway however, is just a different type of fighter. Caraway is clearly in my mind one of the best 135-pound fighters in the world. I’m not sure that Stamann is ready for this type of competition. Caraway by submission
Sweet MBA: Cody Stamann by decision.
Pyle vs. Ottow 
The Good Doctor: Pyle needs to retire! Need I say more? Ottow by KO
Sweet MBA: Mike Pyle by 2nd round KO.
Dollaway vs. Lombard
The Good Doctor: This will probably be one of the most boring fights on this card.  I see CB Dollaway grinding his way through this fight. Oh yeah, Lombard needs to retire! Dollaway by decision
Sweet MBA: Lombard by submission – Dollaway will fall asleep he is so bored by his own fight.
Dodson vs. Munhoz
The Good Doctor: Dodson has been in a slump lately, going 3-3 in his last six fights.  Munhoz has been on a roll, winning his last four fights, three of them by submission. I think both trends will continue. Munhoz by submission
Sweet MBA: Dodson by decision
Dariush vs. Green 
The Good Doctor: Green has been in a slump, going 1-3-1 in his last 5 fights. Dariush has also been in a slump, going 2-2-1 in his last 5 fights. Something has to give!  Dariush by decision
Sweet MBA: Dariush by 3rd round TKO.
Yoder vs Green 
The Good Doctor: This is a contest featuring 2 strong grapplers.  Neither woman has ever finish the fight by KO.  I expect to see a stand-up battle.  I have struggled to see where Yoder has improved in that capacity. Dern has taken plenty of strides under the tutelage of Benson Henderson.  There lies the difference in this contest. Dern by decision
Sweet MBA: Dern by 1st round submission, she will not make weight.
Zingano vs. Vieira  
The Good Doctor: Zingano have struggled in a fights in which her opponent is the better grappler.  Somehow she gets sucked into these bad decisions that result in these losses. If she is done with making the wrong decisions in the octagon, she will win this fight. Vieria however, is about as tough as they come in the bantamweight division. Although her striking leaves a lot to be desired, she finds a way to stay in fights with her lackluster stand up skill. In most cases, it has been all about heart. Will that continue? That remains to be seen. Zingano by decision
Sweet MBA: Zingano by 2nd round milf mawling TKO.
Struve vs Arlovski 
The Good Doctor: Arlovski has already proven that he can no longer win against competition of this level. Arlovski needs to retire before his damaged brain retires for him. Struve by KO
Sweet MBA: Double KO strove and arloski. Specious chins.
O’Malley vs. Soukhamthath
The Good Doctor: O’Malley reminds me of a younger more exciting version of Ben Askren. Soukhamthath is one of the best young kickboxers I’ve seen come along in a long time. This fight is pretty simple. Where the fight goes will dictate who will win this fight.  Soukhamthath by KO
Sweet MBA: Omalley 1st round KO.
Edgar vs. Ortega
The Good Doctor: Edgar maybe one of the most underrated fighters in UFC history. Every time the public believes that Edgar can not do something, he seems to pull it off. Since moving down to featherweight, Edgar is 7-2, facing nothing but top-flight competition. Both losses at the hands of Jose Aldo. Ortega has proven his is ready for the big lights. Ortega is undefeated in his professional career, with Cub Swanson and Renato Moicano already of his hit list. Although this is a contest of two of the three top 145lbs fighters in the world, the formula is simple. Where this fight goes will dictate who wins. Edgar by decision
Sweet MBA: Edgar by decision.
Justino vs. Kunitskaya
The Good Doctor: This will be a very interesting fight. For those of you who have not seen Kunitskaya, she is extremely crafty standing and sneaky on the ground. We all know who Justino is. A fighter of Brut force, who can turn the lights out at any moment. Justino MUST end this fight early! Unlike her last opponent (Holly Holm), Kunitskaya has multiple ways to end a fight. The longer this fight goes, the better chance Kunitskaya has to win this fight. Kunitskaya by submission
Sweet MBA: Cyborg 2nd round KO.
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