The Santa Cruz Assassin versus The Miami Cuban Missle – Rockhold vs Romero

Jumeau vs Abe 

The Good Doctor: Abe may be the better fighter. Jumeau is more well-rounded. Abe may end up catching Jumeau slipping. Abe by KO.

Sweet MBA: If Jumeau weathers the first round, which he will, Abe’s cardio will be left lacking. Jumeau by decision.

MikeyMo: I don’t know these fighters but to me Jumeau looks likes like hes gonna eat dude up. Just going off looks to me lol. Jumeau 1st rd TKO

Ishihara vs Quinonez 
The Good Doctor:  This is a very evenly-matched fight. However, I am not sure what to make of this fight. Ishihara leaves a lot to be desired. There are a lot of improvements that he could make it to his game. Quinonez if entering this fight on a three-fight win streak. Because they are so evenly-matched I’m not sure how this fight is actually going to go. Quinonez by decision.

Sweet MBA: I love watching Ishishara fight. I also love his IG feed. His IG feed loves drugs and girls. This does not mix with being a champion. I think Quinonez by decision.

MikeyMo: More fighters im not familiar with. But Quinonez has a epic mustache and usually people who make decisions like that are a tad crazy so im gonna go with him. Quinonez by decision.

Pearson vs Hirota 
The Good Doctor:  I am not even sure why Hirota is in the UFC! Do I really need to say anything else? I hear retirement calling! Pearson by decision.
 Sweet MBA: No matter who wins, Leonides and 300 Spartans lose. Pearson by decision.

MikeyMo: My man Pearson finally someone I’m familiar with. Not a top caliber guy in my opinion but still no punk at all. Hes one of those blokes. Them UK boys. They feeding him this one. Easy money. Pearson by first round TKO.

Formiga vs Nguyen 
The Good Doctor:  This is a battle of two top 10 flyweights in the world. Whenever Formiga faces an opponent this highly rated, he finds a way to fall flat on this face. I mean that both literally and figuratively! Nguyen by KO
Sweet MBA: After this one they need to call him Ben 11. Nguyen by KO.

MikeyMo: This looks like it might be he best undercard fight to me. Formiga is a tough lil bastard but Nguyen is a tough one too. Om gonna a go with Formiga on this. Formiga by second round submission.

Volkanovski vs Kennedy
The Good Doctor: Both fighters have been on a serious roll. I am not sure how this fight is going to go considering that both of these fighters have similar skills. In these situations, I am normally inclined to take the younger fighter and I will do so here. Kennedy by decision
Sweet MBA: I got excited when I saw Kennedy on the card thinking I would see Tim Kennedy get KO’d again. Not the case sadly. I can’t call this one.

MikeyMo: I’m not familiar with these guys but they look like they are ready to chunk em. When in doubt I choose the Euro. Volkanovski by second round TKO.

Wilkinson vs Adesanya
The Good Doctor: I have no idea how Adesanya will respond to this hostile environment in his UFC debut. Wilkinson however, did not have a good showing in his UFC debut back in September 2017. You never know how those UFC debuts will go. Wilkinson by decision
Sweet MBA: Adesanya is Nigerian (+1). Training partner of Dan Hooker (+2). Adesanya by KO.

MikeyMo: No pic? Looks like a sleeper to me. I hope its good. Wilkinson maybe?

Brown vs Kim
The Good Doctor: Brown does not belong in the UFC! Luckily for him, nor does Kim! Can I pick them both to lose? No? Okay….Draw (yawn)
Sweet MBA: Probably taco time. The real lose is Kim’s haircut. Brown by decision.

MikeyMo: I thought that was the Korean zombie? I don’t know he never really impressed me. But it looks like another sleeper. Kim by decision

Pedro vs Safarov
The Good Doctor: Pedro took a tough loss his last time out. Safarov was KO’d by Villante. Who do you think I am picking? Pedro by KO
Sweet MBA: Tyson Pedro is a beast. My Polynesian Kiwi bias is clear but I have another bias. Jackson Wink is on a 14 loss streak and the Patriots tried all cheats only to lose the superbowl. Pedro by split decision.

MikeyMo: Tyson Pedro. That name is hard. If he was the hardest hitting Mexican his name would be perfect. Going with him off name alone. Tyson by first round TKO.

Matthews vs Jingliang

The Good Doctor: Jingliang is BRUTAL! He seems like a completely different person while in the Octagon! Matthews has been up and down in the UFC. Maybe fighting at home will help Matthews. Maybe not.

Sweet MBA: San Shou, let’s go. <Clap Clap> San Shou, let’s go. Jingling by KO due to spinning side kick.MikeyMo:  This is gonna be low key fight of the night. Both these fighters have mad heart and I looks forward to this on. Jingliang by decisionTuivasa vs Asker

The Good Doctor: Asker either KO’s or gets KO’d.  Which one will it be? Does anyone care to guess? Tuivasa by KO.

Sweet MBA: In his home. Going on right before his mentor. The Haka still vibrating the seats. Tuivasa by KO.MikeyMo:  Tuivasa is the future. He looks like a hungry animal. I like his style. This will be a quick one. Tuivasa by first round TKO.
Hunt vs Blaydes

The Good Doctor: This is a tough spot for Blaydes. Fighting in Australia is just a tough deal. With that said, Blaydes is a SERIOUS KO artist and Hunt needs to retire. Blaydes by KO.

Sweet MBA: Hunt eats doubt. Experience beats vigor. Hunt by KO.MikeyMo:  As much as I don’t want to say this…Hunt is gonna get whipped. Hes at the end of his time. This may be is last fight. Blaydes by second round TKO.
Rockhold vs Romero
The Good Doctor: Romero as we all know, has the KO power that can come out of nowhere. Romero is also extremely durable. He’s only been finished once in his UFC career, and that was 7 years ago. Rockhold has a myriad of ways to end a fight. But as seen in his fight with Michael Bisping, can be nullified with boxing. Luckily for him, Romero is not a boxer. So, how will this fight go? Rockhold by decision
Sweet MBA: It’s his time. Rockhold by fourth round TKO.
MikeyMo:  I truly feel like Rockhold won’t last long against the soldier of God. Yoel is too explosive and has perfect timing. Soldier of God by first round TKO.
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