The Hot Hands Firefighter vs The Black Conan – Miococ vs Ngannou

Miocic vs Ngannou 

The Good Doctor: Miocic is clearly the better fighter. He has the championship experience, the pedigree, and a list of victims that reads as a who’s who in the heavyweight division.  Ngannou is possibly the scariest heavyweight fighter in the UFC since Mark Coleman.  A “freak of nature” who is 250lbs of muscle with cat like quickness and hits harder than a runaway train. Ngannou has finished every fight since joining the UFC.  The question is whether or not Ngannou will be able to thwart the take down attempts that Miocic will undoubtedly throw his way. Miocic by decision

Sweet MBA: Ngannou has a surprise. I can’t say what it i. Consider this, what if top flight prime cardio Cain was fighting Stipe? Now imagine if he was African. Ngannou by submission.

Cormier versus Oezdemir

 The Good Doctor: Oezdemir is a good fighter. There’s is no question about that. But what happens when Cormier runs through one of Oezdemir’s big shots? Cormier takes him down and the legendary ground and pound begins. Oezdemir will not have enough to overcome it. Cormier by KO.

SweetMBA: If nothing else I am loyal. Daniel has been nothing but good to me and this podcast. Cormier by TKO.
 Kattar versus Burgos

The Good Doctor:  There is no doubt in my mind that Kattar is a UFC level fighter. I just have this funny feeling that Burgos is special. Burgos by KO

SweetMBA: It feels like Burgos night as well. Burgos by KO.


Villante versus Barroso
The Good Doctor: Villante just can’t seem to get out of his own way. I am beginning to question ask her whether or not he actually takes his opponents seriously. However, Barroso just isn’t good. Maybe this is the fight that Villante needs in order to get on track. Or this fight could crush his confidence forever. I’m thinking I am going to take the former. Barroso by decision
SweetMBA: This fight is to keep Villante employed by the UFC for something else besides filling in for Din Thomas on Looking For A Fight. Villante by decision.
Almeida versus Font
The Good Doctor: Almeida has not been the same since his shocking knockout at the hands of Cody Garbrandt. I think we have enough information to know that Almeida withers under pressure. However, Font has this ability to get caught in compromising positions while in the octagon. Although he battles out of those positions, you cannot risk getting caught in those types of positions against Almeida. How is this fight going to go? No one knows. Font by decision.
SweetMBA: Font is going Comic Sans; not serious. Almeida by decision.
Bochniak versus Davis 
The Good Doctor: For those of you who have never seen Bochniak fight. You will find out very shortly why he is nicknamed “Crash”.

He has a propensity to end up in fights that aren’t technically sound, with an uncanny ability to control the pace of a fight. Davis is probably the better fighter. The question is whether or not he will be able to dictate the pace and where the fight goes. Davis by decision.
SweetMBA: Davis to be contrarian.
Homasi versus Rasak Al-Hassan
The Good Doctor: This is a rematch from UFC 218. I am not sure how this fight goes any differently than the first although Homasi has probably made some adjustments. Rasak Al-Hassan by KO
SweetMBA: Early KO by Al-Hassan.
Ortiz versus Pantoja 
The Good Doctor: This is probably the most evenly matched fight on this card. Ortiz has been up and down against top competition in the flyweight division. Pantoja has never face competition this fierce at this level. This fight could literally go either way. Pantoja by decision
SweetMBA: Taco time. Pantoja by decision.
Ige versus Arce 
The Good Doctor: 

This is about as unpredictable as a fight you will see in a UFC event. These two fighters are capable of ending a fight in a myriad of ways.  This will probably be the fight of the night. Ige by submission
SweetMBA: Chaos unbound ending in an Arce decision.
Moroz versus Moyle 
The Good Doctor: This is too much too fast for Moyle. There’s not really much to add after that. Moroz by decision
SweetMBA: Moroz by decision.
Makhachev versus Tibau 
The Good Doctor: This will be Tibau’s first fight in two years.  Not to mention the fact that I think he should have already retired. There is no way he will win this fight.  Makhachev by decision.
SweetMBA: Anyone see 219? See someone named Khabib? Islam trains with him. I rest my case. Makhachev by USADA choke.
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