Cage Against The Machine UFC 219 – CYBORG VS HOLM EPISODE

Justino vs. Holm

The Good Doctor: This fight is scary! Holm has been the disappointment I thought she would minus the biggest upset in MMA history. Justino obviously has been busted for PEDs. I’m always looking for the other shoe to drop with her. That aside, I’m legitimately afraid for Holm’s safety. Justino by KO.

Sweet MBA: Plain and simple, Holm is the better striker. Accuracy, technique and defense. I think Cyborg is going to get embarassed.

Overeem versus Ngannou
The Good Doctor: Props to Overeem for taking the fight that no one else would. I just hope he doesn’t die (not literally of course). Ngannou by KO in the 1st round.
SweetMBA: This fight reads like a straight to Blockbuster movie starring Ice Cube — A Nigerian martial artist moves to Canada to turn his life around but is backed into a corner by the Jamaican Dutch cartel of trained kickboxers. Marked For Death: Bad Haircuts. I haven’t seen Ngannou on the ground. I bet there’s a reason. Homie smells real Cheikh Kongo to me. I suspect Overeem will fight him identical to Struve which ends in Overeem by decision.
Nurmagomedov vs. Barboza

The Good Doctor:  This is about as simple as it gets. This fight’s results will be dictated by where it goes. No one’s been able to stop Nurmagomedov from getting the fight to the ground. Barboza has been great at keeping the fight standing. Which one gives? Nurmagomedov by decision.

SweetMBA: I don’t want to dismiss Barboza’s ground game but the only way to win is to box.

Rivera vs. Lineker

The Good Doctor: I can’t believe that Rivera has won this many fights in his career without the ability to finish. Lineker can finish fights. Need I say more? Lineker by KO

SweetMBA: Rivera is changing MMA with his low shin leg kicks. KO by Rivera.

Calvillo vs. Esparza
The Good Doctor: I fully believe that Calvillo is a future title contender. I also believe that Esparza’s best days are behind her. But with both of these fighters strong point being grappling, I’m not sure how this fight will go. Esparza by decision (reluctantly).
SweetMBA: Stop the San Jose on San Jose crime! Calvillo has the better hands. Calvillo by TKO.
Oliveira versus Felder
The Good Doctor: Both fighters are coming off a Performance of the Night award. Oliveira for a submission, Felder for a KO. The winner will be dictated by where the fight goes. Oliveira by submission in the 2nd round.
SweetMBA: Three concepts: Rufus Sport. Pettis problems. Is Felder touched by the disease? Can’t call this one.
Oliveira versus Medeiros
The Good Doctor: I see no point to this fight. But I’m going to have to watch anyway. Both fighters are very evenly matched. Alex Oliveira by decision.
SweetMBA: No disrespect but Yancy is Holloway’s Lobov. That’s why this fight is happening. However Medeiros can scrap and has brought a 2.0 style to the Diaz system. Medeiros by 3rd round KO.
Condit vs. Magny 
The Good Doctor: Magny has taken one tough fight after another. I’m completely surprised that Condit didn’t retire. I fully expected him to. With that said, whenever a fighter has one foot out of the door, you know what that means. Magny by decision.
SweetMBA: Prepare for the Condit surprise.
Roundtree vs. Oleksiejczuk
The Good Doctor: Roundtree has been showing serious improvement since TUF. This is a tough opening fight in the UFC for Oleksiejczuk.

It’s hard for me to see him winning this fight. Roundtree by KO
SweetMBA: Roundtree 2.0 aka No More Mr. Rice Guy by KO.
Hooker vs. Diakiese 
The Good Doctor: Hooker has been up and down in the UFC. Diakiese has been on a roll.  I expect that role to continue. Diakiese by KO.
SweetMBA: I like Diakese alot but he is going to run into the Kiwi ice wall and find the mat. Hooker by KO.
Jury vs. Glenn
The Good Doctor: Jury nearly faded Into obscurity after the injury.  A return fight against Mike De La Torre doesn’t prove anything. But at the same time, I’m not sure Glenn poses a threat. Jury by KO
SweetMBA: I am not sure Jury has KO still in him. Jury by decision.

Smolka vs. Nicolau

The Good Doctor: Smolka has lost 3 fights in a row to top 15 competition. He needs to win this fight DESPERATELY! But Nicolau maybe up to the task.  We’ll see if Nicolau is ready. Nicolau by submission.
SweetMBA: Smolka wilts with each contest. Nicolau by submission.
Vettori vs. Akhmedov
 The Good Doctor: I’m not sure how this fight will go. Vettori is a talented young prospect who shows flashes of brilliance. Akhmedov tends to be in boring fights unless he gets KO’d. Vettori by decision.
SweetMBA: Safe money says Dagestan > Italy in combat. Akhmedov by decision.
Executive Producer, DeShawn Davis (@HelloimDeshawn)
Audio Engineered by Dream Ear Productions (@DreamEarProd)
Recorded at Dream Ear Productions Studio, San Francisco CA
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