Holloway versus Aldo 2

The Good Doctor: We know that Aldo got this fight due to the injury to Frankie Edgar. Aldo is the greatest 145-pound fighter ever. But he is not the best 145-pound fighter right now. We know who that guy is. Holloway by KO in the 3rd round

Sweet MBA: In the words of Han Solo, I have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad feeeling about this.

Overeem versus Ngannou
The Good Doctor: Props to Overeem for taking the fight that no one else would. I just hope he doesn’t die (not literally of course). Ngannou by KO in the 1st round.
SweetMBA: This fight reads like a straight to Blockbuster movie starring Ice Cube — A Nigerian martial artist moves to Canada to turn his life around but is backed into a corner by the Jamaican Dutch cartel of trained kickboxers. Marked For Death: Bad Haircuts. I haven’t seen Ngannou on the ground. I bet there’s a reason. Homie smells real Cheikh Kongo to me. I suspect Overeem will fight him identical to Struve which ends in Overeem by decision.
 Cejudo versus Pettis

The Good Doctor: I’ve always thought that Pettis would eventually be the 125-pound champion. Unfortunately for him, I didn’t foresee the G.O.A.T being in his weight class at the time. Cejudo…..well….we’ve seen him fight the champion before. As for these two against each other, at least this fight will be interesting.  Pettis by decision.

SweetMBA: Someone is going to get an injury. This fight should not be happening.

Alvarez versus Gaethje

The Good Doctor: I wasn’t sure if Gaethje was ready for this level of competition.  Now that I know he is, I’m not sure who’s going to stop him on his way to a title shot. By the way, Alvarez is done! Gaethje by KO in the 2nd round.

SweetMBA: If Alvarez fights smart, doesn’t count on his chin and goes to deep waters, his cardio finishes Gaethje.
Torres versus Waterson
The Good Doctor: These ladies have primarily the same skill set. However, Waterson does have the better ground game. Torres cannot finish fights and you all know how I feel about that. Waterson by submission in the 2nd round
SweetMBA: Jackson Wink game plan by decision
Oliveira versus Felder
The Good Doctor: Both fighters are coming off a Performance of the Night award. Oliveira for a submission, Felder for a KO. The winner will be dictated by where the fight goes. Oliveira by submission in the 2nd round.
SweetMBA: Three concepts: Rufus Sport. Pettis problems. Is Felder touched by the disease? Can’t call this one.
Oliveira versus Medeiros
The Good Doctor: I see no point to this fight. But I’m going to have to watch anyway. Both fighters are very evenly matched. Alex Oliveira by decision.
SweetMBA: No disrespect but Yancy is Holloway’s Lobov. That’s why this fight is happening. However Medeiros can scrap and has brought a 2.0 style to the Diaz system. Medeiros by 3rd round KO.
Teymur versus Klose
The Good Doctor: Both fighters have been on a roll. Too bad someone has to lose. Teymur by decision.
SweetMBA: I used to sleep on David Teymur. Not anymore. Now Klose is going to sleep….BECAUSE of Teymur.
Herrig versus Casey
The Good Doctor: Felice Herrig is done! Need I say more? Casey by submission in the 2nd round.
SweetMBA: Unless Herrig comes to the ring with Christina Aguilera singing “Beautiful” as her walk out music, she is Invicta bound. Casey by 1st round submission.
Homasi versus Razak Al-Hassan
The Good Doctor: I love the potential in both of these Fighters. But Al-Hassan is a killer! Al-Hassan by KO in the first round
SweetMBA: Sean Shelby instigating that arab on arab crime. Homasi by 2nd round submission.
Kimball versus Reyes
The Good Doctor: Both fighters have knockout power, with great take down defense. Reyes’ accuracy will be the difference in this fight. Reyes by KO in the 2nd round
SweetMBA: Looks like a Worldstar waiting to happen. Reyes 3rd round KO.

Willis versus Crowder

The Good Doctor: Willis is and extreme heavy hitter, with a less-than-stellar gas tank. Crowder is the more well-rounded fighter of the two. If Willis is unable to get a knockout in the first round I do not see a way he can win this fight. Crowder by decision.
SweetMBA: Big Pretty vs Pretty Boy. Both these cats need to stop eating pork and ain’t nothing pretty about it. Willis by TKO.
Cooper versus Magana
 The Good Doctor: Not sure what to make of this fight.  These are two fighters with a lot to prove and a lot to improve. In my opinion, neither fighter should be in the UFC. But, it may actually make for a great fight. Magana by decision.
SweetMBA: Rumor says Magana stays with a contract because she is Dana’s side piece. To me she is a Tyrese and Michael Blackson skit waiting to be exposed. I wasn’t a big a fan her fake hospital flicks but I know nothing about Cooper’s growth. Her record is better and I’m a hater so Cooper.
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