Cage Against The Machine presents the UFC 216 Episode

Ferguson vs Lee

The Good Doctor: Ferguson’s the more well-rounded fighter.  Lee is the better athlete.  Lee continues to improve, but will it be enough? Ferguson by decision.
D Infamous: Power, skill, and work rate. Ferguson by third round KO.
Sweet MBA:  Ferguson is so unconventional for mma but obvious if you’re a kung fu guy. Lee is a threat but he really needed to go through Alvarez to get here. His inexperience and reliance on taking the back is going to be exposed here. Ferguson by decision.
Johnson vs Borg
The Good Doctor: Johnson by decision. What approach will Borg take?  Will he find a hole in Johnson’s game?  The answer to these questions are “no”.
D Infamous: Johnson by decision. Evasive, and speed
Sweet MBA: This fight will never happen. Capitalism and UFC aren’t going to let Silva’s record be threatened. I’m still a die hard Mighty fan and have his autograph framed in my office.
Werdum vs Lewis 
The Good Doctor: Werdum should retire.  Lewis already has one foot out of the door.  You know what it means when someone starts thinking about retirement.  However, Lewis does have knockout power. Werdum by decision.
D Infamous: To much too soon for Lewis – Werdum will avoid the power of Lewis by putting him on the fence and going for takedowns, Lewis will tire in round 2 from takedowns by RD 3 sub by RNC – largely due to Lewis lack of stamina. Werdum by third round submission.
Sweet MBA: The Joker face versus Where Ronda’s Fine Ass At? Why are these two fighting? They have this deep bond in both disrespecting the shell that holds Travis Hapa Browne’s fight dreams known as his body. The real fight to watch is the comment section in Lewis’ IG account. Joker is going to lean his head forward and get gushed. Lewis by second round KO.
VanZant vs Eye
The Good Doctor: VanZant -Team AlphaMale + natural weight = a key to success.  Eye – weight = better striking > VanZant = ?  I’m not too sure how this will go. Eye by decision
Dariush vs Dunham
The Good Doctor: Tough fight to call.  I think Dunham is coming to the of his rope.  But is Dariush still good enough to take advantage.  Why is this fight happening again?  Dariush by KO/TKO in 2nd round
D Infamous: Dariush by decision.
Duquesnoy vs Stamann
The Good Doctor: I love the potential of both fighters.  I can’t see anyone stopping the Duquesnoy train right now.  Duquesnoy by KO/TKO in 2nd round.
D Infamous: Takedowns will make the difference here. Stamann by decision.
Brooks vs Lentz 
The Good Doctor: Brooks has been a TOTAL disappointment since coming to the UFC.  I flat out of no confidence in him at all, but he’s fighting Lentz who I also have no confidence in.  What is going on here? Lentz by decision
D Infamous: Evasive, higher work rate – close fight < split decision.
Vannata vs Green
The Good Doctor: Vannata is a better all-round striker.  Green is the better boxer.  Which will win? Green by KO/TKO in 2 round
D Infamous: Evasive, speed, accuracy, and timing. Green by decision.
Sweet MBA: Vannata first round KO by spinning technique. The Diaz camp has a weakness there.
Gonzalez vs Botelho
The Good Doctor: In fairness, I have never seen Botelho fight.  I can’t really call this one way or the other.  Gonzalez I have.  She had the “deer in highlights” look in her first UFC fight.  Hopefully she will be better this time. Gonzalez by KO/TKO in 1st round (But only because I have no information)
D Infamous: Aggressive, attacks from every position – standing, takedowns, subs – high work rate
SweetMBA: She looked great her first UFC fight and I am not talking about her skills. That also is not a compliment. Less image, more lineage.
Harris vs Godbeer
The Good Doctor: Well, both fighters have one punch knockout power.  But then again, isn’t that the entire Heavyweight division?  Harris by KO/TKO in 1st round
D Infamous: Power advantage, will avoid takedowns and finish early in the 1st. Harris by first round KO.
Moraga vs Bibulatov
The Good Doctor: Moraga hasn’t been the same since his loss to the champ Demetrious Johnson.  Bibulatov is trying to get to the champ.  This maybe the fight that Bibulatov need.  Bibulatov by KO/TKO in 3rd round
D Infamous: Aggressive fighter, look out for kicks, forward motion will prevent takedown attempts from Moraga. Bibulatov by decision.

 Leites vs Tavares

The Good Doctor: Whenever Leites has a fight that he 100% has to win, he falls flat on his face.  Oh yeah, and there’s also the lighting quick jab of Tavares. Tavares by decision
D Infamous: Leites is the veteran in this fight and offers more diversity in his attack.  Will want to take the fight to the ground to be successful. Leites by first round submission.
Schnell vs Beltran 
The Good Doctor: Beltran DOES NOT belong in the UFC!  Need I say more? Schnell by KO/TKO in 1st round
D Infamous: Higher work rate, split decision – close fight. Schnell by decision.
SweetMBA: Big fan of Danger Max Schnell on the MTV reality show about mma in Shreveport. Not a big fan of his politics on FB.
Executive Producer, DeShawn Davis (@HelloimDeshawn)
Audio Engineered by Dream Ear Productions (@DreamEarProd)
Recorded at Dream Ear Productions Studio, San Francisco CA
Filmed by Dream Eye Media  (@DreamEyeMedia_)