Cage Against The Machine presents the UFC 215 Episode
Johnson vs Borg
The Good Doctor: Johnson by decision. What approach will Borg take?  Will he find a hole in Johnson’s game?  The answer to these questions are “no”.
D Infamous: Johnson by decision. Evasive, and speed
Sweet MBA: This fight will never happen. Capitalism and UFC aren’t going to let Silva’s record be threatened.
Nunes vs. Shevchenko
The Good Doctor: Nunes by decision. Rematch from March 5, 2016.  Although both fighters are completely different, I struggle to find a reason for the fight to go differently.
D Infamous: Shevchenko by Rear Naked Choke Submission between the fourth and fifth round. Fatigue will set in by end of RD 3 for champ opening door for Shevchenko to finish.
Sweet MBA: Shevchenko by TKO in fourth round. It will go a hand combo finished by a spinning side kick to the body which cripples Nunes. Judo throw from there and a GnP ends this to crown a new champ.
Dos Santos vs. Ngannou
The Good Doctor: Ngannou by KO/TKO in the 1st round.Stick a fork in him!  He’s done!  Dos Santos should and needs to retire.  I just hope that he doesn’t get seriously injured in this match up with Ngannou.
Sweet MBA: HOV!…wait….wrong person
Stephens vs. Melendez
The Good Doctor: Stephens by decision. This is a match up of two fighter stuck in limbo.  I fail to see the point of this match up in the grander scheme of things.  But Stephens has no breaks in career.  Melendez has been suspended for a year.  There is the difference.
D Infamous: Stephens by TKO in the 3rd round. Accuracy, avoid take downs or threat of take down.

PATH TO VICTORY > Stephens has to control the pace of the fight

Magny vs. Dos Anjos
The Good Doctor: Magny by decision. Although I like Dos Anjos better at 170lbs and he is the better striker.  I believe Dos Anjos is on the backside of his career.  This match up against Magny will be Dos Anjos’ last ditch effort.  Dos Anjos must win to fight off the eventual fork moving towards his chest.  This will be a great and tough fight to watch.
D Infamous:  Magny by decision.

PATH TO VICTORY > Use reach to keep Rafael at the end of reach, use takedowns as needed.  Need to control pace & where the fight takes place

McMann vs. Veiria 
The Good Doctor: McMann by KO/TKO in the 2nd round. A classic grappler versus striker match up.  McMann is on a roll.  I believe is momentum will continue.
D Infamous: McMann by submission by round 2. Takedowns, wrestling will trump judo.

PATH TO VICTORY > McMann stay in the center of Octagon, avoid clinch, circle to avoid power of Vieira, counter with punches & takedowns

Litifi vs. Pedro
The Good Doctor: Litifi by KO/TKO in the 1st round. I ABSOLUTELY love Pedro’s potential, but Litifi is TOO MUCH, TOO EARLY!
D Infamous: Pedro by KO in 1st round. Move into the top 10 next fight Corey Anderson, or OSP.

PATH TO VICTORY > Pedro avoid takedowns of Latifi

Cejudo vs. Reis 
The Good Doctor: Cejudo by decision. I’m not sure where either fighter goes from here.  Both fighters have lost to the champion Demetrius Johnson convincingly.  It’s a great match up.  I’m just not sure what the point is.
D Infamous: Cejudo by decision. Evasive, speed, accuracy, work rate & timing
Sweet MBA: The “we both couldn’t against the guy in the main event” match
Tucker vs. Glenn
The Good Doctor: Glenn by KO/TKO in the 1st round. Tucker is the better grappler.  Glenn is the better striker.  This is a very close matchup.
D Infamous:  Tucker by Submission in round 2. Aggressive, evasive, high fight IQ, good coaching + hometown guy.
Henrique vs. Bhullar
The Good Doctor: Henrique by submission in the 2nd round. Henrique has a propensity to disappoint.  Bhullar is a newcomer to the UFC.  This maybe the perfect storm for Henrique.
D Infamous: Bhullar by TKO in round 2. Both take down heavy offense but grappling advantage to Bhullar Canadian Olympic wrestler won fights by both decision and TKO, proves he will offer more diverse attack in this fight
Moras vs. Evans-Smith
The Good Doctor: Evans- Smith by decision. This is a match up of the unknown.  I haven’t seen enough from Moras to determine what type of fighter she is.  Evans-Smith is widely inconsistent.  Which way is this going to go?  I don’t know.
D Infamous:  Evans-Smith by decision. Stand-up and power.
Johnson vs. Martins
The Good Doctor: Martins by KO/TKO in the 1st round. This fight will go one of two ways.  It will end in a 1st round stoppage or a split decision.  I will take the former.
D Infamous: Martins by Decision. More active fighter, Johnson’s last fight in September 2015
Clarke vs. White
The Good Doctor: Clarke by submission in the 2nd round. This fight has the potential to be an absolute snooze fest.  White’s only notable victory came at the expense of Artem Lobov (who doesn’t belong in the UFC to begin with).  Clarke has been in the running with some of the elite talent in the UFC (Al Iaquinta and Michael Chiesa).  I just can’t see a way in which White can win this fight.  But I’ve been wrong before.
D Infamous: Clarke by Decision. Faced higher level of competition, more active – last fight in July vs January for White.  Second fight for Clarke under Greg Jackson, will see improvement since last loss to Joe Duffy + fighting in home country
Executive Producer, DeShawn Davis (@HelloimDeshawn)
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